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Mehr Zeit, weniger Aufwand durch digitale Workflows

More time and less effort with digital workflows

Hasan Cakmak

Created on 14. February 2019

Fabasoft Personalakte

Storing personnel files and personnel file documents digitally is one thing, but real added value is only achieved if the processes connected with these documents and files are also digitised and automated as much as possible. The Fabasoft Personnel File supports this purpose with various functions such as controllable workflows for individually tailored customer processes.


HR departments are playing an ever more important role when it comes to the business success of a company. Caused by the shortage of skilled professionals, turnover is falling and customer satisfaction is decreasing in connection with a declining quality of products or services. A high level of document digitisation on the one hand as well as a maximum of process automation on the other hand will subsequently play a vital role in business success.


Users can only benefit from automated HR processes if the documents concerned are available digitally. It is quite easy to capture documents in a structured way, for example by scanning them, and to manage them digitally while ensuring that only authorised staff has access.


Business process management (BPM) is often missing

Many of the comprehensive HR solutions that are on the market have a dedicated module for the digital storage of personnel files. But unfortunately most of them do not have a process component (BPM) which is however essential if HR staff wants to work satisfactorily with these important documents by “bringing them to life”. Some solutions may be able to depict processes but require large IT projects to do so. Customers and service providers are therefore faced with an enormous effort of time, high costs for consultants and services as well as the necessity of vast IT resources. It is particularly the aspect of these IT resources that is a problem for many medium-sized businesses.


Digital workflows

The „Fabasoft Personnel File“ has been designed for the digital, central, standardised and GDPR-compliant management of personnel files. As an added value it also offers processes that can be automated. Digital workflows always follow a structure and are therefore less prone to errors than unstructured communication such as emails. Since each workflow activity is logged, the workflows themselves can be traced at any time. On the basis of process statistics and indicators, authorised users can determine the current status of a process and take the required steps if there are any bottlenecks and/or problems.


Examples of such processes include:

  • Digital (traceable) delivery of documents such as salary statements;
  • Approval processes (salary increases, travel expenses, vacation requests);
  • Performance reviews, target agreements;
  • Bonus agreements;
  • Checklists (for joining/leaving the company).


HR managers are particularly interested in reducing the amount of manual work through automation which is offered by high-quality solutions such as the Fabasoft Personnel File. Two practical examples in this area are:


  • Automatically deleting documents as soon as their retention period has expired (for data minimisation with regard to GDPR). Optionally, users can manually confirm deletion;
  • Automatically assigning documents that were for example printed and signed manually. The annual signing of safety regulations is one such example;


Modeling of digital workflows made easy

What makes Fabasoft’s solution so special is the fact that workflows can easily be modeled by the employees of the specialist departments themselves, without the need of any programming skills. This can be achieved with the help of a BPMN 2.0-compliant graphical workflow editor. The acronym "BPMN" stands for "Business Process Modeling Notation" (, which is an international standard.


With this workflow editor, expert users can model complex processes which are then executed by the Fabasoft workflow engine. The modeling of digital workflows is achieved quickly and easily since the solution provides ready-to-use process building blocks for tasks such as approvals, releases or others.


Screenshot BPMN Editor

This makes it easy to model processes such as salary increases, bonus agreements or the delivery of salary statements with the Fabasoft Personnel File. Thanks to the intuitive functionality of the editor, new users need little time to get started and to efficiently model new digital workflows.


Once a standard HR process has been digitised and automated it only takes a click to trigger it. Execution is quick, easy and offers full traceability of the workflow. HR staff is consequently saving valuable time that can be spent on the core tasks of HR management.