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Federal Aviation Office completes migration to the "E-Akte Bund"

50,000 files transferred: In addition to the roll-out of the "E-Akte Bund", the Federal Aviation Office (LBA) successfully carries out the data migration.


Created on 31. August 2023


The Federal Aviation Office has been a Fabasoft customer for more than 15 years. Until now, only some of the employees used electronic records management in the form of the eLBA project. The authority saw the advantages of the "E-Akte Bund" as an opportunity to carry out a comprehensive roll-out. For an effective start with the new system, the Federal Aviation Office transferred all inventory data from eLBA to the "E-Akte Bund" based on the Fabasoft eGov-Suite.

Fabasoft migrates 50,000 files to the "E-Akte Bund"

The project team, consisting of members of the LBA, the ITZ-Bund and Fabasoft, decided on a multi-stage data transfer. At the time of the migration, departments of the Federal Aviation Office were already handling day-to-day official business in the new system, so a longer offline status was not possible. Since the old eLBA system was also based on the eGov-Suite, Fabasoft performed both the import and export of the data. This required mapping the properties of the files and adapting the project specifications. In a total of three productive migrations, Fabasoft transferred more than 50,000 files, over 330,000 transactions, around 1.5 million documents and more than two terabytes of data. Quality testing already took place in live operation. In May 2023, the Federal Aviation Office approved the "E-Akte Bund" including the complete data migration.

"Now all of our employees can take advantage of the electronic records management in the "E-Akte Bund". The gradual migration of the large amount of digital data already in place has enabled our authority to get started with the new system," the authority adds.

LBA says goodbye to the paper file

The introduction of the electronic file began as early as 2020. Fabasoft provided a special course offering to ensure a smooth system introduction for users. As part of the first internal agency training courses, the Fabasoft project team introduced selected employees to the functions of the "E-Akte Bund". The knowledge and understanding of the electronic records management in the "E-Akte Bund" gained in this way is being passed on to all other LBA employees. To date, five units of the authority are already working with the "E-Akte Bund" system. The nationwide rollout to connect the remaining 23 units and six field offices of the Federal Aviation Office will start this year. 

In parallel with the rollout, Fabasoft also implemented a number of smaller sub-projects, including specialist application integration. This includes the implementation of an interface for managing addresses and another for scanning procedures. With the successful completion of the migration and the continuous introduction of the "E-Akte Bund", the Federal Aviation Office has helped to advance the digital transformation in the agency.