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Efficient content creation in Fabasoft Cloud


Created on 05. February 2020

The Xeditor add-on in Fabasoft Cloud

By integrating Xeditor into Fabasoft Cloud (Fabasoft Business Process Cloud), you can create, edit, and review standardised content easily and efficiently. Now you can reap the benefits of intelligent and standardised content – without investing in costly training for the authors. Xeditor is a product of Xpublisher GmbH, which has been part of the Fabasoft Group since May of 2019.


Much like standard word processing programs, no special technical skills are required to create and edit structured content using Xeditor. With Xeditor, documents are structured and semantically enriched based on sets of rules. The editor supports various XML standards from the areas of technical documentation (DITA, S1000D, PI-Mod), reporting (XBRL, ESEF), publishing (JATS, NLM), scientific work (TEI, DocBook), as well as individual rule sets. Its modern, open architecture allows the editor to be modified and extended as needed.


For instance, Xeditor can help you write operating manuals, project and supplier documentation, or contracts in XML format. The information is structured and divided into granular information units for the best possible information reusability. Intelligent author support intuitively guides authors through even the most complex document structures.


Creating documents in xdoc format

Navigate to the desired team room or subfolder and open the context menu. Click “New” and select the Xeditor category. Click “Xeditor (xdoc)” and specify a document name.


Screenshot XDOC create

Once saved, the document is stored in the relevant team room or subfolder. Click “Edit” and you can start creating structured content in Xeditor straight away.


Screenshot Xeditor


All the benefits at a glance:

  • Uniform formatting and standardised rule-based structures
  • Shorter creation, processing, and checking times, especially for large documents
  • Comment and change tracking features
  • Supports a wide range of industry standards and individual rule sets
  • Semantic document enrichment
  • Plugins for formulas, eLearning, and terminology
  • Offline functionality


If you are interested, please contact We will be happy to advise you.