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eAward 2020: Fabasoft awarded for "Accessibility in IT“


Created on 30. January 2020


Fabasoft received the special award "Accessibility in IT" at the eAward 2020 in the category "Social Responsibility" for its sustainable commitment and longstanding efforts in the area of accessibility. Around 200 guests participated in the presentation of the IT business award on 01/29/2020 in the ballroom of the T-Center. The winners were chosen from 44 projects in seven categories.


The jury emphasised Fabasoft's pioneering role in the field of accessibility that has been in place for years. Although often mandatory, accessibility has hardly been implemented in web applications so far, and therefore Fabasoft deserves special thanks for its wonderful work, the laudation said. "Accessibility is the basis for user-friendliness and equal opportunities and a central claim of the Fabasoft Business Process Cloud. We are pleased that our intensive efforts in the development of accessible and user-friendly Cloud solutions are being honored in this way", comments Harald Pfoser, Head of Cloud Products at Fabasoft, on the award.


Project "Accessible Fabasoft Cloud"

Fabasoft's central claim is to guarantee almost complete accessibility and thus equal opportunities for people with disabilities. A team of experts at Fabasoft deals exclusively with the topics of usability and accessibility. Even during the design of new functionalities and operating elements, the aim is to provide the best possible support for people with disabilities, both in terms of input and display. Central requirements are that all functions within an application can be executed via the keyboard and that navigation with screen readers or voice output is possible.


Further information and a review on the eAward can be found on the website of Report Verlag.


WACA certification for Fabasoft

Already in October 2019 Fabasoft was the first provider in Europe to be awarded the WACA certificate (Web Accessibility Certificate Austria) in silver by the Austrian Computer Society (OCG). This certification confirms that the Fabasoft Cloud (Fabasoft Business Process Cloud) meets the criteria and guidelines of WCAG 2.0 for accessible web content to a high degree. Klaus Höckner (WACA Advisory Board) and Werner Rosenberger (OCG) took the presentation of the eAward 2020 as an opportunity to present the WACA certificate to the responsible persons at Fabasoft. "The WACA certificate and the special award at the eAward 2020 confirm our efforts and show that it is possible to design accessible websites as well as accessible web-based applications", says Mario Batusic, Accessibility Engineer at Fabasoft, who is blind himself.


Photos: Milena Krobath

Photo 1 From left to right: Hasan Cakmak, Mario Batusic and Harald Pfoser accepted the award "Accessibility in IT" within the eAward 2020 for Fabasoft.

Photo 2 Award ceremony at the eAward 2020 (from left to right): Hasan Cakmak (Fabasoft), Mario Batusic (Fabasoft), Klaus Höckner (Hilfgemeinschaft der Blinden und Sehschwachen Österreichs, WACA advisory board), Harald Pfoser (Fabasoft) and Werner Rosenberger (OCG).