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Benefit from fact-based analyses based on real user transactions

Management dashboards

Management dashboards provide you with the most up-to-date information on service level compliance, workplace response time behavior, or usage of business-critical applications.

Online reporting and analysis

Analyzes of the entire application usage and combinable views (drill-down) allow you to quickly identify bottlenecks.

Current trends vs reference days

Information about the response time behavior at the workstations, the system load or the data volume lets you immediately recognize deviations and trends by a direct comparison with reference days.

Monitor the actual response time behavior of your applications

System availability and response time behaviour

Fabasoft app.telemetry enables you to constantly monitor service-level-relevant key figures and automatically reports deviations to the IT operations departments.

Control of infrastructure components

Classic system management functions such as resource monitoring and automatic notification functions round off the Fabasoft app.telemetry spectrum.

Diagnose performance problems quickly and effectively

Direct feedback possibility for users

Your users can send feedback to the helpdesk from within the affected applications, including screenshots, system information and recent transactions.

Analysis of problems without reproduction scenario

Fabasoft app.telemetry provides you with the actual business transactions (use cases) for problem analysis.