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Web Accessibility Certificate (WACA) for web accessibility

The WACA certificate is Austria’s first and only quality seal intended to make web accessibility (website and web applications) visible to the public in accordance with the international W3C guidelines. In October 2019, Fabasoft was the first provider in Europe to be awarded the WACA Silver Certificate by the Austrian Computer Society (OCG) for its web app. In June 2022 independent auditing body TÜV Austria recertified the company.

Fabasoft Cloud fulfills the WCAG 2.1 AA requirements for accessible web content with a high degree of compliance and thus was once again awarded the WACA Certificate (Web Accessibility Certificate) at the Silver level by TÜV Austria in June 2022. The Fabasoft Cloud web application enables optimal operation for all people and does not exclude any user, including use with the required input/output devices such as keyboard, voice input, screen reader, and the like.


The following criteria must be met for the Web Accessibility Certificate Austria (WACA) in silver:

  • Website/application meets WCAG 2.1 - AA success criteria to the extent possible
  • All content can be accessed by all users
  • The basic functionality is fully accessible to all users
  • Parts of the extended/optional functionality are cumbersome for some users, yet still accessible