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Fabasoft awarded Cyber Trust Austria Gold Label

Released on 28. January 2021

Austrian quality seal for enterprise-wide cybersecurity

Fabasoft is the first cloud provider to receive the Cyber Trust Austria Gold Label. The quality seal was presented at a press conference held in Vienna.


The KSÖ Cyber Risk Scheme, developed by a panel of Austrian security experts together with the Federal Ministry of the Interior, takes an efficient and impactful approach to cybersecurity and verifies the implementation of essential security requirements within companies.


According to the NIS Directive (Directive on security of network and information systems), this verification is particularly relevant for the supply chain (linking service providers, suppliers, and customers), given that cloud providers must also ensure that their suppliers maintain appropriate cyber security standards. The innovative quality seal promotes greater transparency across the Austrian cybersecurity landscape and serves to boost Austria’s competitiveness as a business location in the digital era.


Companies that have earned the Cyber Trust Gold Label satisfy a higher level of security and demonstrate proof of advanced security. Beyond Cyber Trust Label Austria’s fourteen basic security criteria, the seal comprises eleven additional criteria. Verification is performed by means of an external audit.


“When it comes to cybersecurity and certifications, Fabasoft is an Austrian flagship company. Fabasoft’s creative innovation and dedication are a testament to Austria as a business location,” affirms Dr. Thomas Stubbings, Managing Director of Cyber Trust Services GmbH, Chairman of the Austrian federal government’s Cybersecurity Platform.


“The Cyber Trust Austria Gold Label is the perfect complement to our other established security and quality certifications. As a software manufacturer and a cloud provider, data protection and data security hold absolute priority for us − and that applies to our entire product and service portfolio,” explains Oliver Albl, Managing Director of Fabasoft International Services GmbH.


About the Kuratorium Sicheres Österreich (KSÖ)

Since 1975, KSÖ has served as a bridge linking business, science, government, and policy. The association’s overarching goal is to make Austria more secure, focusing on technical and technological trends and future risks and preparing expert reports on emerging security challenges.


Fabasoft receives quality seal: f.l.t.r. Oliver Albl, Fabasoft, Erwin Hameseder, President KSÖ, Thomas Stubbings Cyber Trust Austria, Copyright Alexander Felten


Pictures of the handover
Fotocredit: Alexander Felten