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Success Story

NWB-Verlag: Intuitive XML creation for everyone

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The NWB Verlag is a German specialized publishing house with the emphasis on tax law, commercial law and accounting. The publishing program includes databases, software, magazines, books and seminars.
For many years we have been looking for an editor that would allow authors to work in our XML structures in a user-friendly way. It is so comfortable that authors hardly need to make any changes compared to working in MS Word. With Xeditor we have found this editor. It eliminates the need for conversion routines and manual post-processing.
Ronald Bahls Head of Software Development
nwb Verlag Logo
Durch die Implementierung von Xeditor konnte der NWB Verlag den hohen manuellen Aufwand bei der Überführung von MS Word-Dokumenten in XML-Strukturen eliminieren und eine reibungslose Weiterverarbeitung sicherstellen.
Increased productivity
By utilizing Xeditor, authors can boost their productivity and work flexibly from anywhere.
Workflow integration
The seamless integration of Xeditor into the existing authoring platform and CMS enhances the workflow and promotes collaboration.
Efficient content creation
Xeditor enables efficient creation of content directly in XML, minimizing manual effort.

Xeditor enhances collaboration between authors and other departments, resulting in smoother content creation and management.

Automating the conversion of MS Word document into XML structures helps reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Xeditor provides a highly secure environment for content creation and editing, resulting in maximum data security and minimal data loss.


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