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IDG: Achieving more in collaboration

IDG Communications Media AG is a subsidiary of the world's leading media company for information and communication technology, International Data Group (IDG) in Boston. IDG sees itself as a service provider for the ITC industry with media, services, events and a comprehensive data pool.
The authors require neither technical knowledge nor training or workshops to work with Xeditor. The collaboration between editors, authors and contributors has also become more structured and efficient thanks to the professional commenting system and change tracking.
Xeditor enabled IDG to efficiently create and publish media-neutral content in XML format.
Efficient collaboration
The commenting function and change tracking enhance collaboration between internal and external authors.
Quick onboarding
Authors do not require time-consuming training thanks to intuitive usage.
Seamless integration
The integration of Xeditor into the existing editorial system is quick and smooth.
Economic optimization
Transitioning to media-neutral content creation leads to remonetization through content reuse.

Seamlessly and swiftly integrate Xeditor in your existing editorial system.

Authors can start working with Xeditor immediately without the need for intensive training.

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