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Haufe Group: Easy and intuitive XML creation

Through a tailored combination of consulting, software, and training, the brands of Haufe Group provide integrated business and workplace solutions that help organizations and people shape their transformation processes and achieve sustainable business development.
Xeditor has been a reliable component in our content creation and updating process for many years. External authors with no XML know-how can easily create cross-media capable content using our self-developed XML schema. We can then publish the completely digitally created content on a rage of channels in an up-to-the-minute way with lean downstream workflows."
Wolfgang Bach Product Owner Content & Solutions
The integration of Xeditor into the authoring tool of Haufe Group enables fast and reliable content creation and improved collaboration between the stakeholders involved.
Minimization of conversion processes
By utilizing web-based creation and editing of structured content in XML format, previous conversion processes are aliminated.
Highest content quality
Utilizing guided authoring and consistent document structures lead to increased productivity and improved content quality.
Change tracking and commenting functionality
The ability for change tracking and commenting directly within the document facilitates collaboration among involved stakeholders.
Integration into the company's own authoring tool
The rapid adaption of Xeditor to the self-developed XML schema enables smooth implementation.

Thanks to the intuitive WYSIWYG user interface, you can easily and intuitively create XML content.

With Xeditor, you can create and update your content quickly and reliably, ensuring efficient publishing across all relevant channels.

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