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Certified data security and reliability.

Oblivation hosted on the multi-certified Fabasoft PROCECO ecosystem, no third party can ever access your sustainability data.

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Two source documents are combined into one document using data extraction

Context-aware search and data extraction.

Oblivation uses Mindbreeze’s AI-powered enterprise search trusted by industry leading companies to identify relevant data points for each of your CDP answers.

Secure and proprietary AI language models tailored to CDP reporting.

Your answers are generated by secure AI models specialized in CDP reporting and all associated sustainability reporting standards and frameworks.

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Response generation by AI
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Current status of individual activities

User interface designed for efficient CDP reporting.

Designed to simplify the collaborative execution of your CDP response. View guidelines, scoring tips, and easily track of the current status of each answer.

Export in correct structure for CDP upload.

Export your finished CDP 2024 response mapped for upload to CDP’s online response system.

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Start automating your CDP reporting.