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Fabasoft Talents: The decisive step ahead in the world of work

The trends on the labor market, including the shortage of skilled workers, require a new approach to HR. The digital personnel file helps to master this.

Margret Rohn

Created on 19. October 2023

Robin Schmeisser, Geschäftsführer der Fabasoft Talents GmbH

"Human Resources" (HR) is one of the most important factors for the success of a company. The personnel or HR departments are responsible for the entire "employee lifecycle" – from recruiting and onboarding to the promotion and targeted deployment of the workforce to the departure of employees. Changes in the world of work and the shortage of skilled workers are creating new challenges in this area. In this interview, Robin Schmeisser, Managing Director of Fabasoft Talents GmbH, explains how the digital personnel file for managing HR processes helps to successfully master these developments.


Today, talents are more in demand than ever, especially in view of the shortage of skilled workers. In this respect, even the product name attracts attention: What is Talents on Fabasoft PROCECO, what is it for?

Robin Schmeisser: Fabasoft Talents, our digital personnel file, is a software for highly secure and rapid management of HR processes. As a "single source of truth", it offers the possibility to integrate those responsible for HR agendas in internal departments, managers and existing as well as potential employees into the digital workflows. Our solution meets maximum security standards and provides support across the entire "employee lifecycle": from recruiting and onboarding to staff development as well as approval of absences and home office. It also covers the provision and exchange of documents, including the archiving of all records. At the same time, maximum efficiency, transparency and traceability are ensured at all times in compliance with the GDPR. Exactly what is needed in view of the changed conditions on the labor market and the shortage of skilled workers.


An interesting approach: Why are digitized HR processes the "magic formula" for the shortage of skilled workers and the way to keep pace with current developments in the labor market?

Robin Schmeisser: Today, professionals choose the company that is right for them. Sustainability, a feel-good atmosphere, family-friendliness and work-life balance are just as important as tasks with meaning, values and authenticity. In the competition for talent, it is therefore crucial – in addition to short response times – to have an individual application and skills management system that focuses on candidates and employees and motivates them in the long term. On top of this, there are more and more complex tasks to be performed in all departments. These trends in the world of work require a new approach to HR. There is no way around digitalized HR processes with a high degree of automation and self-service functions, such as those offered by our Fabasoft Talents digital personnel file.


HR tools in personnel management are not new. What makes Talents stand out from the competition?

Robin Schmeisser: In HR, inclusion and consequently accessibility are just as essential as the security of strictly confidential, personal data. Our digital personnel file runs in the Fabasoft PROCECO ecosystem based on the Fabasoft Cloud and meets these requirements. Numerous internationally recognized certifications, including the C5 attestation from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and the IDW PS 880 certificate for audit-proof archiving, prove the maximum level of security. In particular, the EU Cloud Code of Conduct according to Level 3 demonstrates the highest European data protection standard in compliance with the GDPR. In addition, a clear role and authorization concept and two-factor authentication at log-in ensure that only authorized persons have access to the data and documents. In terms of accessibility, the Fabasoft Cloud complies with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and has been awarded the WACA silver certificate (Web Accessibility Certificate). The maximum level of data protection, IT security and accessibility clearly sets Fabasoft Talents apart from other software products of this kind. The efficient, seamless processes along the entire employee lifecycle in a single solution are also noteworthy.


What are the concrete benefits of the digital personnel file in recruiting, personnel development and routine activities?

Robin Schmeisser: Fabasoft Talents is extremely helpful in recruiting. Online or unsolicited applications via the website are immediately placed in a candidate file created by the system and sent from HR department to the responsible manager in just a few minutes. Suitable candidates quickly receive an invitation to an interview. This reduces the likelihood that they will accept other job offers. If the candidate is accepted, the software transfers the documents from the candidate file directly to the personnel file as part of the entry workflow. There, not only the exchange and storage of documents such as salary slips, sick leave or educational certificates takes place during an ongoing employment relationship, but also the approval of home office or absence requests. The integrated skills management system provides support in personnel development by recording, validating and evaluating the skills of individual team members. At the same time, it simplifies job postings and identifies any training needs. This means that vacant positions can be quickly filled internally and employees' requests for change can be taken into account. If employees leave the company, audit-proof archiving of the documents is ensured, taking into account the statutory retention periods. All in all, the automation of recurring tasks contributes to a significant minimization of administrative work in the HR area and, at the same time, to an increase in quality and a reduction in the workload of those involved. In addition, Fabasoft Talents enables short response times and improves communication – decisive advantages in times of a shortage of skilled workers.


Which features does the software include?

Robin Schmeisser: Fabasoft Talents accelerates all HR processes, from the candidate file to the personnel file through to the archive. Authorizations can be assigned or revoked immediately, completely eliminating unauthorized access. The data on each individual employee is stored in the digital personnel file, and all changes are transparent and traceable at any time via the time travel function. The ability to generate and use tested templates for various document types, such as employment contracts or salary slips, as well as automated assignment to predefined categories, means that required documents can be found quickly using the semantic full-text search. The software also has extensive sorting, filtering and evaluation functions for creating dynamic reports – at the touch of a button. All information and to-dos are clearly presented in customizable lists. Those responsible in HR departments, managers and employees receive reminders of open tasks and can complete them anytime and anywhere, even via mobile devices. This further simplifies the standardized self-service workflows. And last, but not least: The system's own digital signature completes the processes and also contributes to the fulfillment of the legal verification requirements.


What are the requirements for implementing Talents and how long does it take?

Robin Schmeisser:  After deciding on Fabasoft Talents, all you need is a current web browser to get started. The standard product can be integrated into the existing IT landscape in a short time and easily connected to existing HR systems. It is intuitive to use and can be customized to meet specific customer needs. We also offer training courses to quickly become familiar with the handling. The efficient, secure processes in Fabasoft's digital personnel file create scope for active, individual application and skills management – and the decisive step ahead in meeting the challenges in today's world of work, especially the shortage of skilled workers.