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What to expect

Boost your Content Webinar Series: Part 6
(with Oberfranken Fachverlage and Rudolf Müller Media Group)

Title: Prerequisites for marketing digital products


  • Bernd Müller, Managing Director Media Group Oberfranken Fachverlage
  • Günter Ruhe, Managing Director Rudolf Müller Media Group
  • Carsten Oberscheid, CEO Doctronic (Host)
  • Erhardt Heinold, CEO Heinold, Spiller & Partner (Moderator)

Note: This webinar is available in German only.



Marketing digital products poses major challenges for specialist publishers: They have to develop license models, manage individual and group licenses, ensure user-friendly and smooth 24/7 access, and integrate resellers in addition to direct sales. All of this has to be integrated into the sales processes without causing day-to-day expenses to explode: Automation is a must, interfaces are essential. All of this is just as crucial to the success of digital publishing offerings as a good product idea.

The following topics will be discussed:

  • B2B licensing models: multi-user, multi-content - menu or à la carte
  • Access control, sales automation, customer self-care
  • Integrating trading partners: Booksellers vs. specialist information service providers

Find out how Oberfranken Fachverlage and Rudolf Müller Media Group put this into practice in the recording of this webinar. You can get immediate access free of charge by completing the contact form.


What's the story behind the Boost your Content webinar series?

For publishers, digitization opens up a whole new range of possibilities for designing innovative media offerings. However, many are still far from taking advantage of these opportunities in the way that would be possible through intelligent content management and creative product design. Too often, content continues to be prepared in a print-oriented manner, even when it is supposedly structured in a "media-neutral" way.

This six-part series of talks, entitled "Boost your Content," aims to help media publishers get more out of their valuable content. Each webinar uses practical examples to show how content enrichment and multimedia exploitation can be implemented in concrete terms. The journey into the future of content preparation begins with the basics of content structuring, continues with product development and ends with the marketing of digital products.

In a discussion moderated by Ehrhardt Heinold, representatives of publishing houses will report on their experiences. The free webinar series is presented by the digitization service providers Xpublisher and Doctronic.

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