Overview of the most important Fabasoft events.

Deutsches Eigenkapitalforum 2019
on the 25 - 27. Nov. 2019.

"Entrepreneurs meet investors" - according to this slogan Deutsche Börse AG has organized this event since 1996. In the meantime Deutsches Eigenkapitalforum...

28. MKK - Münchner Kapitalmarkt Konferenz
on the 10 - 11. Dec. 2019.

For almost 15 years, GBC AG has been organising capital market conferences. Two thirds of all German listed issuers have used these...

“Stopping the sellout of innovative European tech companies” Fabasoft TechSalon
on the 14. Nov. 2019.

A discussion panel on the IT brain drain from Europe going overseas and how to stop it, with Matthias Kraus (Xpublisher GmbH),...

Swiss Leaders Dialog Industrie 4.0
on the 5 - 6. Nov. 2019.

Innovative new business models - successful with digital transformation. At the Swiss Leaders Dialog in Zurich you can discover how you can...

Fabasoft TechTalk “Digital Championship - Status and outlook from a Swiss perspective”
on the 18. Sep. 2019.

At the Fabasoft TechTalk, Swiss experts and digital champions present their views on the current status, trends and best practices on the...

Bonn Authorities Forum eGovernment
on the 9 - 10. Sep. 2019.

This year, BIBB's "eGovernment, Digitisation Coordination Office" is organising the Bonn Authorities Forum eGovernment for the fifth time. The forum will once...

Product Management 4.0 Strategietag
on the 3. Sep. 2019.

A strategy meeting in Mannheim with interactive networking and a knowledge transfer on digitisation within the context of product management.

Fall Converence 2019
on the 2 - 3. Sep. 2019.

The annual German Fall Conference will be held at the Le Mèridien Hotel in Frankfurt am Main at September 2 and 3,...

"Digitale Verwaltung RLP"
on the 29. Aug. 2019.

In mid-2018, the state government of Rhineland-Palatinate adopted the strategy “Digital administration Rhineland-Palatinate”. For many years now, digital transformation has been progressing...