Data Protection, Security & Compliance

Fabasoft is one of the pioneers in the field of information security and data protection. Our customers benefit from the advantages of the highly developed security level of Fabasoft products and services.

Certified Compliance

Fabsoft is committed to the protection of corporate data. Certifications and audits are part of our commitment to excellence and continuous quality improvement and form the basis for the value we provide to our customers through all of the processes, programs, products and solutions we offer.

Certifications and Audits

Obligatory security

With the adoption of the Fabasoft Security Guideline as part of Fabasoft's overall strategy, Fabasoft is placing data protection and information security on a binding level. The security guideline communicates the importance of information security, Fabasoft's information security goals, the organization of information security management, security measures taken and the continuous improvement efforts in the area of information security.

Fabasoft Security Guideline

Active data protection

Data protection is a particularly high priority at Fabasoft Group. Fabasoft AG and its subsidiaries are committed to protecting information and in particular personal data. You can read about how we process and protect personal data from external persons and companies in the Fabasoft data protection declaration.

Fabasoft Privacy Statement