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Siemens Energy consolidates its forerunner status with Fabasoft Approve cross-plant quality management software

Released on 21. September 2021

Greater efficiency thanks to workflow-driven complaint management

Siemens Energy is using Fabasoft Approve as the process-driven quality management solution for its Power Transformer segment. The global rollout of Fabasoft Approve is scheduled for upwards of 3,000 users following the successful completion of pilot projects at the two largest transformer plants in Weiz (Austria) and Nuremberg (Germany).


The challenge for Siemens Energy was to implement a cross-plant quality management tool in one network with 14 locations in eight countries and to digitally map its existing processes. Thanks to its wide range of customization options and high degree of usability, Fabasoft Approve made a convincing case in the multi-stage selection process and stood out as the high-performance platform of choice for computer-aided quality (CAQ) processes. The cloud-based solution offers comprehensive complaint management that can even be handled from a smartphone or tablet – for both in-house use and remote use at the customer’s site. Allocating the necessary immediate, corrective, and preventive actions is a workflow-driven process that can be tracked at any time.


You can find further information in the case study “Achieving predictive quality with Fabasoft Approve cross-plant quality management software”


“The overarching goal of our collaboration with Fabasoft is to achieve data-based prediction for product and process-related quality. Our new cross-plant quality management software affords us the transparency to make the right decisions and proactively avoid potential errors in the future. This way, we can be certain that we’re optimizing both our error costs and the level of customer satisfaction,” explains Stefan Klaassen, Head of Power Transformers, Siemens Energy.


“As a cross-plant quality management solution, Fabasoft Approve supplies all of the relevant product and process data. Thanks to its powerful analysis capabilities, any user can conduct analyses on quality issues with just a few mouse clicks. We are thrilled to be able to play a significant role in data-driven forecasting with Fabasoft Approve," adds Andreas Dangl, Business Unit Executive for Cloud Services at Fabasoft.


About Fabasoft Approve

Fabasoft Approve is a cloud-based off-the-shelf product for managing technical data and documents in an industrial setting. The standard solution integrates all project partners on a secure, scalable, and highly customizable platform. Creating and editing documents, as well as review, release, and approval processes are achieved efficiently and traceably with significantly less manual effort.


About Siemens Energy

With some 91,000 employees, Siemens Energy operates globally along the entire energy value chain. Its products include gas turbines, steam turbines, generators, transformers, and compressors. The company’s Power Transformer segment manufactures the largest transformers for substations located throughout the world.

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