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Fabasoft is the first company to achieve the highest cloud data protection standard in the European Union

Released on 18. June 2021

New EU Cloud Code of Conduct recognized by European data protection authorities

Fabasoft is the first company in the world to reach the third and highest compliance level of the new EU Cloud Code of Conduct.


New code of conduct for the European cloud economy

The EU Cloud Code of Conduct (CoC) is a comprehensive code of conduct for the European cloud industry and gives top priority to consistently uniform enforcement of European data protection standards based on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Customers of both private and public cloud providers need to be confident that stringent security measures are upheld.


As the first transnational tool, the EU Cloud CoC encompasses all types of cloud computing products and has now been officially recognized by the data protection authorities. The unified legal framework gives the EU single market a clear competitive advantage: As more cloud service providers choose to undergo the rigorous requirements and audits conducted by various external auditors, increased confidence will be generated for the European digital economy, sparking even greater potential for innovation.


Data protection standards: Businesses score a competitive edge

The EU Cloud CoC has emerged over the past eight years as part of a unique collaboration between EU authorities and the European platform industry. From the outset, Fabasoft assumed an active role, contributing significantly to the success of this initiative.


“Fabasoft supports initiatives that deliver cutting-edge solutions for the industry while keeping high data protection standards firmly top of mind,” explains Helmut Fallmann, co-founder and member of the Fabasoft AG Board of Directors, and co-chair of the EU Cloud CoC. “The EU Cloud CoC seeks to achieve both goals, and we’re proud to have played a part in this momentous endeavor.”


Jörn Wittmann, managing partner of SCOPE Europe, adds: “Fabasoft’s exemplary role will demonstrate that compliance with the EU Cloud CoC translates into broader market adoption for cloud computing. Fabasoft has been and continues to be a driving force behind this project and demonstrates consistent commitment to implementing the highest data protection standards. As such, it’s no surprise that Fabasoft has succeeded in achieving the third level of compliance.”


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