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The „eGovernment MONITOR 2023“: Use and acceptance of digital administrative services by citizens

The study provides information on how the digital transformation is being received by citizens in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Created on 10. January 2024

eGovernment MONITOR 2023

The eGovernment MONITOR 2023 provides information on how the digital transformation of public administration in the DACH region is progressing and what experiences the population is having when using the digital services on offer. The eGovernment MONITOR is a study by Initiative D21 and the Technical University of Munich under the patronage of the Federal Minister of the Interior and for Home Affairs, Nancy Faeser, conducted by Kantar.

The added value of online services

The digital transformation in administration is continuing to develop in many areas. Around 70% of all respondents in the DACH region recognize the added value that e-government offers. For example, the use of mobile e-government services and digital wallets is continuously increasing. 70% of Austrians consider themselves "able to use the online services offered by public authorities and offices (e.g. making appointments, downloading forms, filling out applications online)", if available; this applies to 66% of the population in Germany and 58% in Switzerland.

The study also shows that 59% of all respondents in Germany find contact with public authorities "usually very stressful", compared to 52% in Austria and 46% in Switzerland. Improved service quality is therefore playing an increasingly important role for citizens. As a result, respondents want public authorities to be able to respond quickly and easily to their wishes and requirements. 

The acceptance of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) also offers numerous opportunities for automation in public administration. More than half of all interviewees expect AI to shorten processing times. The majority welcome the use of AI in public administration - provided, however, that fundamental decisions continue to be made by humans. Furthermore, around a third of survey participants need to be given a precise explanation about the use of AI.

Fabasoft products ultimately increase citizen satisfaction

The findings of the study confirm the added value that the Fabasoft eGov ecosystem and its products offer for the digital transformation of public administration. Authorities that work with the ELAK, the electronic file based on the Fabasoft eGov suite, can implement online services quickly and easily using low-code/no-code, thus enabling fully digitalized application procedures without media discontinuity. The rapid implementation raises the service quality of public administration to a higher level, which increases citizen satisfaction.

Fabasoft also has a corresponding tool in its portfolio for AI and automation with Done! on Fabasoft eGov. The solution relieves employees of repetitive tasks so that they can focus on other important work. The application uses innovative algorithms and machine learning to help use existing data and simplify and speed up necessary processes. However, key project decisions are still made by those responsible themselves. These efficient software solutions contribute to the acceptance of e-government among the population and are also an important step towards the digital transformation of the public sector, which promotes the satisfaction of both employees in administrative organizations and citizens.

The full results of the study can be found at 2023 - Initiative D21.