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cost savings through efficient reuse


increase in content quality


reusability of your content

Error-free production that adheres to an XML schema.

Use Xeditor to draft your product documentation according to XML standards such as DITA or your in-house schema definitions, and ensure compliance with legal, industry-specific, and company- specific requirements right from the start.

This web-based editor supports all common schemas, validates your input in real time, and facilitates the highest semantic quality along with 100% valid XML.

Illustration of validation information and guided authoring according to DITA XML
Illustration of a DITA document in a technical documentation software

Compose structured content intuitively.

The intuitive MS Word-like user interface is designed to help authors feel confident straight away and start creating documentation without any prior XML knowledge or training. Everyone involved can work online on the most current version at any time, no matter where they are or what device they are using. The integrated BPMN workflow engine manages the entire scope of your business processes and ensures a smooth workflow.

Publish and (re)use your content efficiently.

Store and manage your content granularly as individual text blocks or modules that are cross-media capable, so they can be published across all channels and platforms. Once created, you can easily reuse different versions of the same content.

Publish your completed technical documentation or individual parts of it on all your digital and analog publication channels – quickly, automatically, and error-free.

Illustration of software documentation on various channels and devices, such as laptop, tablet and smartphone.
C5 - Cloud Computing Compliance Criteria Catalogue Logo
CoC Cloud Data Protection Level 3 Logo
ISAE 3000 SOC2 Type 2
ISAE 3402 Type 2
WACA Silver (Web Accessibility Certificate Austria)

Enjoy the assurance that certifications provide

You can count on the reliability, security, and accessibility of all software products and Cloud services from the Fabasoft Group. Multiple internationally recognized certificates, attestations, and awards (including ISO 9001, Level 3 of the EU Cloud Code of Conduct, WACA, BSI-C5, and ISAE 3000 SOC2) testify to our adherence to the most stringent quality and security standards and compliance requirements.

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Success Stories

Xpublisher is used successfully in numerous companies around the world. We would be happy to write the next success story with you!