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Manage all your assets in a single location

With Xpublisher DAM, you can store your digital assets as a single source of truth to support efficient reuse and repurposing across all platforms and channels.

Store all relevant information as metadata and use this unique knowledge base to fast-track your daily work with digital assets.

Illustration of the Xpublisher DAM software interface showing various digital assets.
An illustration of the metadata of a digital asset in Xpublisher.
Six people in a conference room talking and working together.
Visualization of features for managing and sharing digital assets in Xpublisher DAM.

Foster your team’s collaboration

Share content securely with your team, with external partners, and with agencies. You manage access and retain complete control over your digital assets.

Any changes to your digital files are always transparent and traceable. You can compare different versions and restore older versions as needed.

Automate your processes

Digitalize your workflows and accelerate your staff’s collaboration dramatically. You’ll see a boost in productivity and free up time for other value-adding activities.

Freely modelable processes provide seamless documentation of your operational procedures and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Illustration of a workflow for creating, editing and publishing a digital asset.
Woman with glasses and in a white blouse operates a tablet.
Display of different program icons that are compatible with Xpublisher DAM, for example Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office.

Speed up the work you do with your assets

The integrated, AI-based search of Mindbreeze understands information and instantly locates the digital assets you need.

You can edit your digital assets with a single click straight from the web browser in your existing desktop applications.

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