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Discover completely new possibilities with AI

  • Automatically recognize technical documents and their content
  • Extract and analyze information and link it intelligently to create a 360-degree view
  • Communicate naturally and intuitively with your technical data

Unlock the full potential of your technical data through the interaction of Mindbreeze InSpire and Large Language Models.

KI unterstütz im Dokumentenmanagement

Simple rights management

Add in-house staff and external collaborators to your projects in just a few clicks.

AI-supported process optimization

Automate your business processes using artificial intelligence and involve your project partners.

Digital signature

Sign your acceptance reports with the system’s native advanced electronic signature capabilities (AES) in line with the EU’s eIDAS Regulation.

Rapid redlining

Expedite your approval process using the native annotation feature.

Personal to-do list

Gain an instant overview of all pending tasks and deadlines.

Deadline and escalation management

Get reminders for upcoming events with notifications for things like delivery deadlines.

Mobile access from anywhere

Access all information securely and from anywhere at any time using common web browsers or the mobile app.

Templates and text modules

Enjoy the advantages of templates and intelligent text modules for creating your technical documentation.

Semantic full text search

Find relevant information in seconds. The search incorporates file names, content, metadata, and annotations.

Secure, mobile access even via tablet and smartphone

Discover our document management system

During a live demo, our experts will familiarize you with our technical data and document management system and discuss your specific requirements with you in detail.


Implement your own requirements using visual low-code/no-code editors.

Customized reports

Manage your project with targeted analyses and technical reports generated in real time.

Project-specific metadata

Enhance project documents with standardized technical data using drag and drop.

Structured display of data

Use the tree view to access all the information you need and maintain an overview of the structure of files and projects at all times.

Search-based lists

Manage huge lists of over 100,000 data items that can be searched for without long loading times.

OData support

Use the integrated Open Data Protocol to transfer important data directly to business intelligence software and obtain meaningful results.

Automated file naming

Define company-specific rules using automatic document naming.

Continuous versioning

Track every change you make easily with automatic versioning.

Modelable interfaces

Structure the data exchange with other systems using a wide range of standard interfaces.

Standard add-Ins

Work in the environment you’re accustomed to thanks to a variety of add-ins for Microsoft Outlook, Office, Teams, and more.

Secure authentication

Log in to the cloud securely with single sign-on using digital certificates, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, or SAML 2.0.

Integrated 3D viewer

Manage your 3D CAD drawings and enjoy the preview and 3D viewer capabilities.