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Best Practice

[fr]Freistaat Bayern

In the field of state administrations, the "eAkte Project" is already very advanced in the Free State of Bavaria.

Case Study

[fr]Deutsches Rotes Kreuz

With the Fabasoft Cloud, all volunteers and professional staff of the DRK-Kreisverband Böblingen can quickly access the necessary information when they are at the site of an operation.

Case Study

[fr]Siemens Cloud Collaboration

With the Fabasoft Cloud, Siemens is able to speed up the exchange of information with external partners in the construction of power plants, to create transparency and to become more efficient.


[fr]Audit-Proof Storage of Business Documents with Fabasoft Cloud

Fabasoft Cloud Enterprise allows for the audit-proof storage of documents, in particular also of invoices and personnel documents, in a way that such documents in electronic form are accepted as equivalent to paper...