Managing the entire life cycle of contracts - right until the end of the contract period

[fr]Contract Management

Setting up a contract often requires countless emails with the external legal advisor and several internal departments. In the end, copies of the contract exist on multiple systems, the access rights are not clearly defined, and the process of creation is difficult to reproduce.

With Fabasoft Contract Management in the Fabasoft Cloud, internal employees and external persons can collaborate to create contracts - even in real time - and manage them throughout the entire period of validity. The transparent management of access rights and the highest levels of certified security protect sensitive information. Once a contract has been signed, Fabasoft Contract Management manages compliance with the obligations and sends out reminders to meet deadlines such as contract extensions.

Benefits of Fabasoft Contract Management

  • Creating contracts in collaboration
  • Managing the entire life cycle (meeting obligations, deadlines, etc.) - right until the end of the contract period
  • Intuitive handling via computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Easy and secure collaboration with external persons
  • No more sending of emails with attachments
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