Usability Training

In today's day and age, optimal usability and user experience are of enormous importance for websites, web applications and other software products. From the beginning of product development, various methods from the field of usability engineering assure that the user needs are placed at the center of development and that an optimal product emerges.

In this training, basic knowledge of usability engineering and user interface design are taught. The participants are given an understanding of different methods and their applications which are also practically applied in exercises.



Introduction to HCI/Usability 

  • What is usability
  • User centered design
  • Examples


Basic User Interface Design Principles 

  • Basic user interface design principles
  • User interface principles
  • Design principles
  • UX myths


Basic HCI Methods 

  • Heuristic evaluation
    • Nielsen's Heuristics
  • Cognitive walkthrough
  • Exercise:
    • How "useable" is an existing system?
    • Heuristic evaluation of a system/website



  • General
  • Exercise:
    • How to get an interface starting from system requirements and use-cases?
    • Creating paper mockups for a defined use-case

The course is designed as a combination of presentations and exercises. In some cases a computer is required for the execution of the exercises.

Training materials:

Training documents and examples will be made available in a Fabasoft Cloud Teamroom.