Reporting in Fabasoft-Products

Get all news and information about the possibilities of reporting with Fabasoft products directly from the Fabasoft experts.

The first part of the training deals with the configuration of the Fabasoft product for information processing of data from Fabasoft objects. This information can then be integrated directly into a spreadsheet or loaded dynamically via a relational database.

The second part of the training deals with the creation of report documents which are generated directly from Fabasoft. This is done using the open source project "BIRT" and the free Java program library "Apache POI". The training focuses on the interaction with Fabasoft and not on the external libraries themselves. In this part of the training you will develop actions with the programming language Java in addition to Fabasoft. However, explicit Java knowledge is not mandatory.



Report Configuration 

  • Creation of Ad-Hoc Reports
  • Recurring provision of metadata information
  • Data synchronization with a relational database


Report Development 

  • Use of external libraries for report generation with Fabasoft data
  • Creation of reports using Apache POI (Java program library)
  • Creation of reports using BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) 

Experience in using Fabasoft Cloud, Fabasoft eGov-Suite or Fabasoft Folio; Experience with the development of Fabasoft app.ducx projects is strongly recommended

Training materials:

Training documents and examples will be made available in a Fabasoft Cloud Teamroom.

German (English possible by request at registration; documentation in English language)