Operations Management and Administration of Fabasoft Products with Linux

Get all the latest news and information about the system administration and operational management of Fabasoft software products with Linux directly from the Fabasoft experts.

In this course you will get to know the technical background of Linux and the key configuration steps needed to prepare the system for the installation of Fabasoft products, how to maintain the system and carry out troubleshooting.

The participants get to know Linux from the system perspective, understand the file system, configuration techniques, process and system maintenance as well as system stability and security.



Linux administration basics 

  • Linux and Linux distributions
  • Linux Kernel
  • File system
  • Objects
  • Symlinks & Hardlinks
  • Updating & Journaling
  • Selecting a file system
  • Linux Lifecycle
  • Processes
  • Data transfer
  • Comparing, displaying and searching for data
  • Users, groups & legal system
  • Access rights on the file level
  • Installation requirements


Fabasoft on Linux 

  • Installation / Deinstalltion
  • Web services
  • Managing services
  • Tracing
  • Expressions
  • Text Processing: xargs and awk / sed
  • Scripting using bash
  • Essential tool: tcpdump
  • The Swiss Army Knife: strace

Experience in the administration of Folio with Windows.
Adviced: Product Training: System Administration and Operational Management of Fabasoft products (link is external)
Basic knowledge of the customer-side infrastructure used would be an advantage.

Training materials:

Training documents and examples will be made available in a Fabasoft Cloud Teamroom.