Fabasoft Business Process Cloud Broker Training - Basic

Get yourself the tools you need to be successful as a Fabasoft Business Process Cloud Broker Partner. Fabasoft’s experts will pass on their know-how concerning Cloud use cases for end users, Cloud administration, the Fabasoft Business Process Cloud platform as well as the readily available Fabasoft Business Process Cloud apps. You will also gain insights into the market positioning of the Fabasoft Business Process Cloud.

Our marketing and sales experts will provide you with information that will support you in selling Fabasoft Business Process Cloud apps to your customers.

This training is a certification training for Fabasoft Business Process Cloud Brokers.



Cloud User Training 

  • Secure collaboration: Teamroom-concept
  • View- and column Settings
  • Time Travel: secure versioning
  • Best practices
  • Business workflows
  • Search and Search Folders


Marketing / Use Cases 

  • Philosophy of Fabasoft
  • Case Studies
  • Fabasoft Business Process Cloud: Platform for digitalization
  • Overview: Fabasoft Business Process Cloud Solutions
  • Target groups and needs
  • Unique Value Proposition
  • Best Start: PoC in just 6 weeks


Cloud Admin Training 

  • User Management in Cloud Organisations
  • License Management in Cloud Organisations
  • Other configuration of Cloud Organisations (Authentication, Security Settings etc.)


Cloud Platform and Cloud Apps 

  • Customization of Fabasoft Business Process Cloud with Forms
  • Fabasoft Business Process Cloud Solutions and target groups
Training materials:
Training documents and examples will be made available in a Fabasoft Cloud Teamroom.