Development with Fabasoft app.ducx and Fabasoft app.test - Basic

Get the latest new features and information on the cost-efficient development of document-centric applications with Fabasoft app.ducx directly from Fabasoft experts in the basic development training. The ideal training for beginners!

The automated test tool app.test is the perfect extension to app.ducx. Learn how to execute, record and save a test sequence to ensure the best possible quality for your application.

You can also choose to participate in this training on a daily basis and, for example, only visit the two days of Fabasoft app.ducx Training. Please mention this in your registration form under 'Message'.

This training is a certification training for Fabasoft Cloud Developers.



Day 1 & 2: Fabasoft app.ducx 

  • Object model: classes, enums, structs
  • Extended property definitions
  • Forms and menus
  • Graphical UI editor
  • Control styles and display
  • Use cases and parameter prototypes
  • Debugging, tracing
  • Expressions, expression tester
  • Additional user interaction with vApps


Day 3: Fabasoft app.test 

  • Point-and-Click-Recorder
  • Record tests using the control tree
  • Test trouble-shooting and improvement
  • app.test-Player and debugger
  • Structuring tests: use cases, sequences, parameter tables
  • Best practices

Experience in operating Fabasoft Cloud, Fabasoft eGov-Suite or Fabasoft Folio; Some experience with object-oriented programming strongly recommended

Training materials:

Training documents and examples will be made available in a Fabasoft Cloud Teamroom.

German (English possible by request at registration; documentation in English language)