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The Knowledge Base offers access to technical information about Fabasoft software products, hints for problem analysis, best practises and results of frequently raised service requests.  To search the Knowledge Base, use the Mindbreeze search.

  • How to find core dumps in Linux The easiest way to find core dumps in Linux is to search with the following command: find /var/opt/fabasoft –name “core*“ If you found a core file on your system you can easily find out which service crashed by...Read more
  • .responsive-example-table td, .responsive-example-table th { text-align: left!important; } Memory values in Fabasoft Components Kernel event log entries In event log entries of the Fabasoft Components Kernel you can find information about the current memory usage, e.g. Sizable RPC call Function: COOSTAttrSelInsInit Time: 0 seconds Size:...Read more
  • Information Each Fabasoft Folio Kernel instance starts it's own Java Environment to process Java code and also 3rd-party Java libraries. Although the Java environment is running inside of the Fabasoft Folio Kernel process, it has it's own memory management. If the Java environments runs out...Read more
  • Starting with Fabasoft Folio 2016 UR3 (16.0.7) the Fabasoft Folio Client is enhanced by a second library to communicate with the Fabasoft Folio Webservices. The old library is WinInet, the newer library is cURL. In the following table the default behaviour and the registry key...Read more
  • Information Under Linux, the LDAP configuration for the Fabasoft Folio Webservices is done in the Virtual Application Configuration (Default: FSCVAPP@1.1001:DefaultConfig). With that single configuration, by default it is not possible to request special password input from the user when signing objects. If additional passwort request...Read more
  • Information With Kerberos Single-Signon activated, Windows 10 clients cannot connect to a Mindbreeze Client Webservices. Authentication is denied. This behaviour is caused by the new Windows 10 functionality "Credential Guard" that restricts delegation of Kerberos tickets, that is neccessary to authenticate and communicate between services...Read more
  • Information We got informed of customers that information in Word documents is lost after the installation of September 2017 security update KB 4011039 and KB3213656 for Microsoft Office 2016. Symptoms are missing data in table cells (normal text, DocProperties, mail merge fields) when Word documents...Read more
  • Infomation This behavior may occur, if you revert your web- or conversion server to an erlier version of Fabasoft Folio. fscvext.dll is the ISAPI module responsible to redirect web request to the Fabasoft Kernel. Fabasoft registers it's ISAPI module fscvext.dll in IIS. If the uninstallation...Read more
  • Information We got information from a customer that upgrading the underlaying Oracle Database 11g to Oracle Database 12c brought up obvious performance issues with Fabasoft Folio / Fabasoft eGov-Suite products. For example, the startup time of the Fabasoft Folio Backendservices in a test environment increased...Read more
  • Summary Under the prevailing circumstances data changes can occur when archived objects are restored. A hotfix is available from Fabasoft. Information Under the following circumstances data changes or data corruption can occur for involved objects: Fabasoft iArchive is in use, AND CSV migrations are in...Read more
  • Summary Sometimes it is necessary to execute expressions without the use of the Fabasoft Expression Tester. This is possible by using the fsceval command line tool to execute these expressions. Information The fsceval tool is provided on all Fabasoft Servers in a domain environment. Please...Read more
  • Information During conversion on Linux using Firefox you may receive this error message: Firefox hasn't produced the result file within the maximum allowed time span ps2pdf cannot be found in folder /usr/bin but in /usr/local/bin . This program is necessary to convert postscript files into...Read more
  • SQLStress is a tool to stress test a Microsoft SQL Server installation. Its main purpose is to find infrastructure problems within an installation. It can also be used for hardware sizing, system tuning or benchmarking. The focus is on simplicity. You should be up and...Read more
  • Information Beginning with Fabasoft eGov-Suite 7.0 and Fabasoft Folio 2007 the Fabasoft kernel provides an automatic lock feature when object properties are modified without explicit locking. Details If an object property is modified and the object was not locked, the kernel writes an event log...Read more
  • This article describes how the Fabasoft Components kernel calculates new Object IDs. Description When a new object is created the Fabasoft Components kernel asks the Fabasoft Components COO service for the next available Object ID. The Object ID is the last part of the Object...Read more
  • Summary In order to only grant specific users access to the Mindbreeze configuration on Linux it is possible to place the configuration site behind a reverse proxy requiring basic authentication. This article describes the necessary steps to set up the proxy, a sample proxy configuration...Read more
  • Summary In case of configuration deficiencies in Fabasoft Folio or the Fabasoft eGov-Suite, objects may be indexed without proper ACL information in the Mindbreeze index. As no ACL information is available, a potential hit must be considered "searchable" and the final access check will be...Read more
  • Overview Modern versions of Microsoft Windows Server, from Windows Server 2012 onwards, require the creation of ADERPC SPNs for all Fabasoft Folio Backend Servers. Details According to our experience with multiple Fabasoft Folio installations using modern Microsoft Windows Server versions, potentially in combination with modern...Read more
  • Summary Mozilla Firefox disabled the Add-On interface NPAPI starting with Firefox Version 52. Firefox Add-Ons using the NPAPI are automatically disabled in Firefox Version 52 and above. Fabasoft Folio has used the NPAPI from Firefox, but with anouncement of the deprecation of the NPAPI, Fabasoft...Read more
  • Overview When using the current color profiles from the PDF/A documents generated with GPL Ghostscript produce the error "The value of the key N is 4 but must be 3." in most validators. Details This error message is generated because the definition file ""...Read more
  • Information Due to changes in the licensing program for Oracle Java valid by January 2019, customers are required to license Oracle Java for business, commercial or production use. This will apply for all public updates for Oracle Java SE released after January 2019 . more
  • Summary Fabasoft Folio, more precisely the Fabasoft Folio COO-Services, has built-in error handling for about a dozen of ORA error codes. If one of that error codes is received, the COO-Service is trying to retry the query, and on further errors, will finally force a...Read more
  • Summary Fabasoft found an issue in the MMC cleanup functionality in a specific error condition that may lead to deletion of content in an MMC-Service area, that is still referenced in the database and therefore shouldn't be deleted. The issue is unlikely to appear as...Read more
  • Information Fabasoft Folio COO-Services do a check of it's default database indexes on every startup, and tries to create these indexes if they are missing. These indexes are required for performance and consistency. If a COO-Service detects a missing index, and cannot create it if...Read more
  • ID: FSC21815 Affected Components: Fabasoft Cloud Client, Fabasoft Folio Client Severity: CVSS:3.1/AV:N/AC:L/PR:N/UI:R/S:U/C:H/I:H/A:L, Basic Score: 8.3 (High) Status: Final First published: 14.05.2020 CVEs: - Summary The Fabasoft Cloud or Fabasoft Folio browser extension uses web messaging to communicate with the Fabasoft Cloud Client or Fabasoft Folio...Read more
  • ID: FSC21814 Affected Components: Fabasoft Cloud Web Services, Fabasoft Folio Web Services Severity: CVSS:3.1/AV:N/AC:L/PR:N/UI:R/S:U/C:H/I:N/A:N, Basic Score: 6,5 (Medium) Status: Final First published: 14.05.2020 CVEs: CVE-2018-16323 Summary Due to the vulnerability CVE-2018-16323 in ImageMagick when converting images and downloading them memory fragments can be leaked via...Read more
  • ID: FSC25088 Affected Components: Fabasoft Folio Client with Fabasoft eGov-Suite Severity: CVSS:3.1/AV:L/AC:L/PR:H/UI:R/S:U/C:H/I:N/A:N, Basic Score: 4,2 (Medium) Status: New First published: 23.11.2020 CVEs: - Summary Running the mail-merge process from within Fabasoft eGov-Suite (that is processed by the locally installed Folio Client), and the user opens...Read more
  • Summary This article informs about the backgrounds of the eventlog message FSCVAPP-00106: CheckStackDepth: too many steps on stack; maximum process steps on stack . The message is triggered, if a user opens more vapp instances (e.g. overlays) in the web client then the maximum specified...Read more
  • Information For security reasons, on all conversion servers, the macro execution of Microsoft Office applications should be disabled. Fabasoft Conversion services also include a logic to automatically close opening dialogs that are shown by Microsoft Word and other Microsoft Office applications, to skip and proceed...Read more
  • Summary Fabasoft found an issue in the MMC cleanup functionality in Fabasoft Folio/eGov Suite 2020 and 2021 that may delete content from MMC Service areas that should not be deleted. The issue occours if foreign files are placed to the MMC Service areas. The MMC...Read more

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