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The Knowledge Base offers access to technical information about Fabasoft software products, hints for problem analysis, best practises and results of frequently raised service requests.  To search the Knowledge Base, use the Mindbreeze search.

  • Error when calling fsccab81.CABExtractFromCAB Summary Symptoms Error after scanning an image document using a Windows Webservice. Webservice Eventlog might show: Application error Error: COO. Text: DLL: Error when calling "fsccab81.CABExtractFromCAB" (The system cannot open the device or file specified. (0x8007006E/2147942510)) Object: 10.7800.1.16{Administrator, System}[____R___________:1] Action: 1.1001.1.75804[____RC_______D__:1]...Read more
  • Summary You have opened a document in Fabasoft Folio or the Fabasoft eGov-Suite and the changes are not saved to the server. There is no error message on the client but the changed document is usually stored in a temporary directory on the client. Information...Read more
  • Opening zip files with Windows Explorer Beginning with Fabasoft Folio Plugin Version 9 below-mentioned registry entries are necessary to open zip files with Windows integrated zip feature: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Fabasoft\Classes\CompressedFolder\shell\Open\Command] @="%SystemRoot%\\Explorer.exe \"%L\"" "DelegateExecute"="{11dbb47c-a525-400b-9e80-a54615a090c0}" "backup"="%SystemRoot%\\Explorer.exe /idlist,\"%I\",\"%L\"" [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Fabasoft\Process Parameters\Explorer] "AllowRun"=dword:00000001Read more
  • Opening Excel Object takes very long Summary Opening an Excel object using Microsoft Internet Explorer may take a very long time (about a minute) until the Excel file is ready to use. Information Internet Explorer Protected Mode activated. In Protected Mode, Internet Explorer cannot modify...Read more
  • Firefox crashes caused by enabled content compression Summary Mozilla Firefox crashes on the action “ Compare contents ” with a Microsoft Windows web server because content compression is activated. One possible reason is that content compression has been enabled during app.strudl Software-Telemetry server setup. In...Read more
  • Summary With adding the parameters “username” and “password” as an additional information to the SMTP configuration object, Fabasoft Folio tries to authenticate with the SMTP server. If the SMTP server only allows basic authentication without encryption, Fabasoft Folio sends an AUTH PLAIN, which is not...Read more
  • Update from Fabasoft eGov-Suite Version 7 to Version 8.0 SP1 may fail while executing expression Summary fscsetup.log shows: Info: Executing expression '/tmp/setup/tmp/config1.exp' Info: su fscsrv -c /tmp/setup/templates/fscexpr -r -f "/tmp/setup/tmp/config1.exp" -h mycomputer 18070 -princ ADERPC/mycomputer Error: An error occured during the execution of cooprep. Error:...Read more
  • Fabasoft Folio update from version 8.0 to 9.0 may fail with object definition missing Summary During update from Fabasoft Folio 2008 to Fabasoft Folio 2009 the setup process fails with this message: Error: Attribute "FSCRSS@1.1001:objfeed": object definition missing Found in definition of FSCRSS@1.1001:RSSFeedConfigurationClass "FSCRSS@1.1001:DefaultConfiguration", input...Read more
  • Name of an object is not shown in the title bar of the browser Summary The name of an object will not be shown in the title bar of a browser popup when an object has been opened with double clicking the object itself (e.g...Read more
  • Fabasoft Folio 2009 Update and Upgrade Guide Update Fabasoft Folio 2008 to Fabasoft Folio 2009 This guide describes the update of a Fabasoft Folio 2008 installation to Fabasoft Folio 2009. Update Fabasoft Folio 2008 to Fabasoft Folio Enterprise 2009 The update of Fabasoft Folio 2008...Read more
  • Different results depending on how properties are read in expressions When properties of objects are read in Fabasoft expressions and then used as in-parameters for methods different results can appear depending on the way the properties are read. Option 1: Reading the property via %3Cobject%20allow%3D%22autoplay%22%3E.%3A%20The%20attribute%20definition%20of%20the%20target%20attribute%20is%20regarded%3C%2Fobject%3E...Read more
  • Automatic object locks Beginning with Fabasoft eGov-Suite 7.0 and Fabasoft Folio 2007 the Fabasoft kernel provides an automatic lock feature when object properties are modified without explicit locking. If an object property is modified and the object was not locked, the kernel writes an event...Read more
  • Where to find former FOM Tools in Fabasoft Folio 2008 Beginning with Fabasoft Folio 2008 and Fabsoft eGov Version 8 new tools are shipped with the Fabasoft Components Server installation. These tools represent the former Fabasoft specific tools of the Fabasoft Operations Manager. After the...Read more
  • Maximum number of supported logical connections exceeded Information This error indicates that a service has exceeded its maximum number of allowed connections (Default: 12288). Due to this no new connections may be established, thereby this error may lead to performance degradation. In case of the...Read more
  • Configuration possibilities in VAPP Configuration Authentication: You can define what authentication mechanism should be used for vAPPs; Default: “Default” LDAP Data Source: Here you can specify an object of the class service data source in which you define LDAP specific properties. Default Dispatcher: Defines which...Read more
  • Conversion failure with Microsoft Excel 2003 Summary When converting an Excel File to PDF the conversion fails Solution In Microsoft Excel 2003, the conversion to PDF fails if the active sheet has set the number of copies for printing to greater than 1. This is...Read more
  • Hyphenation does not work correctly Summary After finalizing your Microsoft Word-Document you may recognize that some words are hyphenated incorrectly. Information Conversion server uses Microsoft Office 2007 Language formatting: German (Germany) Solution Microsoft Hotfix available: Workaround Set language formatting to "German (Austria)" or to...Read more
  • Options in case of inefficient queries Fabasoft Folio and the Fabasoft eGov-Suite are both providing mechanisms to prevent long running queries from being executed. This mechanism will interrupt the execution of this query if specific query restrictions are met. Fabasoft Folio Backend services: During a...Read more
  • Converting HTML to PDF with Microsoft Word The Fabasoft conversion services support converting HTML documents to PDF documents in different ways depending on the platform (Microsoft Windows or Linux) and the conversion utilities you are using. In case you are using Microsoft Word and Ghostscript...Read more
  • .responsive-example-table td, .responsive-example-table th { text-align: left!important; } Tools Host best practice Summary Conversion may fail and content as Final Form stays empty after converting to final form. Eventlog might show: Error: COO. Text: DLL: Error when calling "FSCCNV92.FSCCONVConvertExcel" (The system cannot find the path...Read more
  • Information On January 28th 2011 Microsoft has released the Security Advisory 2501696 concerning a MHTML Script Injection vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer. In context of this Security Advisory and respectively KB 2501696 Microsoft released a FixIt to address this issue preliminary to an official hotfix...Read more
  • Conversion of Microsoft Excel fails on Windows Server 2008 Summary On Microsoft Windows Server 2008, the conversion of Microsoft Excel objects to PDF fails when no user is logged on at the conversion server. Information Microsoft Windows Server 2008 provides local printers only to logged...Read more
  • Kerberos Authentication will not work on specific clients Summary Kerberos authentication does not work on specific Windows clients. Browser returns pop-up for username and password. The DNS cache of the client shows an uppercase letter in the Record Name , whereas the Hostnames on Linux...Read more
  • How to delete Fabasoft Folio Kernel Caches Summary Under certain circumstances it is necessary to delete the Fabasoft Folio Kernel Caches, sometimes simply called "the caches". This circumstances could be: After installing a new Fabasoft Edition or Fabasoft Solution After the disk of a server...Read more
  • Executing Expressions without Expression Tester Summary Sometimes it is necessary to execute expressions without the use of the Fabasoft Expression Tester. This is possible by using the fsceval command line tool to execute these expressions. Information The fsceval tool is provided on all Fabasoft Servers...Read more
  • Summary Under some circumstances you get an error HTTP 404 when connecting to a Fabasoft Web service on Windows 2008 R2. The [Enter] page is displayed (so authentication works correctly), but the redirect to the fscvext.dll fails with HTTP 404. In IIS log you see...Read more
  • SMTP-Configuration options Summary This article describes the available configuration options for a SMTP-configuration object Information A configured e-mail server environment is required for the use SMTP from within Fabasoft Folio. The e-mail server can be configured in an instance of FSCSMTP@1.1001:Configuration. Following parameters can be...Read more
  • From time to time it is necessary for you as an Administrator to load a new license file into your domain either because your current license file expired or your license file has been extended for new users or new Software Components . There are...Read more
  • Using docm, xlsm, pptm file types with Fabasoft Folio Summary The Microsoft Office file types .docm (Word document with macros), .xlsm (Excel document with macros) and .pptm (Powerpoint document with macros) are disabled in Fabasoft Folio because of security reasons. This article describes how to...Read more
  • Empty letter after finalizing a form letter Summary You may see an empty letter after you've finalized your form letter. If you try manually to finish the mail merge by pressing Finish & Merge ==> Edit individual Documents... you may get this error message: Word...Read more

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