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  • How to enable SQL trace The SQL Trace is a logging possibility that shows all SQL Statements sent from Fabasoft backend services to the database instance. Note: After you finished the trace set the Key Value form YES to NO. Please note that enabling SQL...Read more
  • Summary A security vulnerability was found in the Fabasoft Portlet for Liferay that can allow Cross Site Scripting, if an attacker modifies the URL in a special way. Information An attacker can exploit this vulnerability to run JavaScript code on the client machine . An...Read more
  • Cross-Site Scripting warning with Internet Explorer 8 and Fabasoft eGov-Suite 8.0 SP1 Summary With an Internet Explorer update deployed by Windows Update, the Cross-Site Scripting Filter (XSS-Filter) of Internet Explorer was updated. With this update installed at the client, the Fabasoft eGov-Suite does not work...Read more
  • How to use fscadmin Summary fscadmin is a supporting tool which is used to manage Fabasoft Components services. Information The tool fscadmin is installed with the Fabasoft Server Management and located in the following directory: Microsoft Windows %ProgramFiles%\Fabasoft\Components\Management\fscadmin.exe Linux /opt/fabasoft/bin/fscadmin Note: Usually the tool is...Read more
  • Keyboard Operation, Keyboard shortcuts Summary This article describes the context-sensitive shortcut help and the location of the Fabasoft Folio User Help documentation on the Fabasoft Folio or Fabasoft eGov-Suite Setup Kit. Information Please be aware of changes that may have been made during different Fabasoft...Read more
  • Optimize MMC cleanup performance Summary In large environments, the process of cleaning up MMC-Service areas may take very long. This article explains the creation of additional database indices to reduce the cycle time of the cleanup process. Note: (Because of the different database model this...Read more
  • Known Issues with Postscript Printer Drivers for FSC Printer Ports Drivers with known issues Windows 7 HP LaserJet 2300 Series PS The driver generates an invalid Postscript file if the printer job name exceeds 160 characters in length HP LaserJet 2300L Series PS The driver...Read more
  • Performance optimizations for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 / SQL Server 2012 Summary This article describes the optimization settings for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 when used in conjunction with Fabasoft Folio/Fabasoft eGov-Suite installations. The settings described in this article...Read more
  • COO Service performance with user objects and app.telemetry Summary In environments with a high number of user objects (or a high number of deactivated users) Fabasoft app.telemetry could cause short but recurring COO-Service thread load. To keep the list of users up-to-date the refresh is...Read more
  • Summary This article describes TCP/IP ports used in Fabasoft Folio installations. The article also touches ports used by network infrastructure and operating systems but makes no claims of being complete. Information Communication inside and outside the backend LAN Ports used inside the backend LAN are...Read more
  • Information In this section the logging possibilities and the way to activate them are listed. Conversion Logging If you encounter problems while converting documents then you can enable the conversion logging mode to log the SOAP-requests of the conversion to the file system. Conversion Logging...Read more
  • FSC Printer Port generates PS instead of PDF Summary Eventlog shows: Object: COO. Action: FSCTLH@1.1001:ExecuteConversion Library: FSCTLH80 Function: FSCTLHExecuteConversion Source: Fabasoft Components FSCTLH@1.1001 User: FABABM100\Administrator Process: 3056 (0x00000BF0) [W3WP] Thread: 872 (0x00000368) Version: System: Win2k3 5.02 Build 3790 Service Pack 2.00 Memory: 2242604/3299060/4293143320 Error-Code:...Read more
  • Client Trace For detailed information on how to create a client trace, see Creating a Client Trace . Component Trace For detailed information on how to create a component trace, see Creating a Component Trace . Kernel Trace For detailed information on how to create...Read more
  • This tool collects information about a client's installed software and user configuration. Download (SHA-256: F05460043E09BC2BE624E1DD44DEEFFA33CC6743FC6468F72512556510167D3E) Current Version 1.5 Release Notes Changes 1.5 - Use current working directory for temporary files, to support clients with temp folder protection Changes 1.4 - Add support for new...Read more
  • Information You may receive an error code 1 while converting a content object into a PDF/A object: The command line conversion returns with error code: 1 You're using GPL Ghostscript as conversion tool. Converting a Note object to PDF works properly. Solution The ICC profile...Read more
  • HTTP 404 is displayed on first call of Fabasoft Folio URL Summary With RealNetworks Real Player Addon installed in Microsoft Internet Explorer, it could happen to get a HTTP 404 error when you first connect to Fabasoft Folio. Information You connect to Fabasoft Folio with...Read more
  • How to close and create an MMC service area Summary Fabasoft MMC services uses the file system to save multimedia contents (documents). Every MMC service can manage multiple MMC service areas, whereby one MMC service area needs to be set as the active area. An...Read more
  • How to uninstall and remove Fabasoft Folio installation Summary Under Windows, Fabasoft Folio can be uninstalled by the "Programs and Features" (Microsoft Windows Server 2008) or "Add/Remove Programs" (Microsoft Windows Server 2003) wizards of the operating system. Under some circumstances in can be necessary to...Read more
  • Information A XML text node limit for SOAP requests was introduced with Fabasoft Folio 2011 Winter Release. The limit for each text node is 10 MB. Therefore if you use Fabasoft's SOAP interface to transmit data to Fabasoft Folio and your data is larger than...Read more
  • Information The tool fscadmin is installed with the Fabasoft Server Management. By calling fscadmin.exe respectively fscadmin the command-line help is displayed. For further inforation see our How to use fscadmin article. List the service IDs of the COO-Services Every COO-Service and MMC-Service has an unique...Read more
  • Set SPN to use Kerberos authentication Summary If you connect to the URL of your Fabasoft Folio webserver from a remote client, you might get login prompts and "401.2 Access denied" messages. This is usually caused by a missing SPN for the webservice user. This...Read more
  • How to change the number of backend service threads The Fabasoft Folio backend service handles incoming requests in a thread pool. This article describes how to change the number of threads in the thread pool in case of a necessity. Note: When you customize your...Read more
  • Information In the following section we will list multiple possibilities for creating a memory dump in Microsoft Windows Using Windows Task Manager In order to create a dump of a live process follow these steps: Start the Windows Task Manager. Switch to the processes tab...Read more
  • Oracle 11g R2 MAX_COMMIT_PROPAGATION_DELAY Summary In the Fabasoft Folio White Paper "Oracle Database Preparation Guide.pdf" chapter "Installation" the Oracle Parameter MAX_COMMIT_PROPAGATION_DELAY is documented to set to 0 for Real Application Cluster (RAC) environments. This parameter was deprecated and removed by Oracle for Oracle Database 11g...Read more
  • Information The Fabasoft Folio web service handles incoming requests in a thread pool. This article describes how to change the number of threads in the thread pool in case of a necessity. Windows Set the Registry Key “ HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Fabasoft\Environment\FSCVEXT_MAXTHREADS ” and the Value “(Default)” to...Read more
  • Unknown is not a valid Win32 application Summary After double-clicking a content object you may receive this warning message in the eventviewer: Event Type: Warning Event Source: Fabasoft Tool Manager Event Category: Internal Event ID: 0 Date: Time: User: N/A Computer: Description: Could not start...Read more
  • To spot your issue it is benefiting to include additional information to your Service Desk ticket. In this brief table we summarized facts you could add to your ticket. This will avoid round-trips of your ticket asking for additional information. The various points are "if...Read more
  • Information After choosing the license file in your setup wizard a message box shows: Invalid license specified. License Version is X.Y Possible reasons: You've copied your setup kit from DVD onto network share and not all files have been copied. (e.g.: setup*.*, autorun.inf ) Command...Read more
  • Summary Based on the user behaviour and the load on a specific Fabasoft production environment it can be possible that you notice situations in your Microsoft SQL Server database where a long running query blocks other SQL statements. This can lead to blocked threads of...Read more
  • Information Microsoft released the 4th Service Pack for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 in December 2010. The Service Pack in combination with Fabasoft eGov-Suite 8.0 SP1 and Fabasoft eCRM-Suite 8.0 SP1 works very well based on our test results using a single server domain installation. Please...Read more

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