Usage of cURL library in Fabasoft Folio Client

Last update: 14 December 2017

Starting with Fabasoft Folio 2016 UR3 (16.0.7) the Fabasoft Folio Client is enhanced by a second library to communicate with the Fabasoft Folio Webservices.

The old library is WinInet, the newer library is cURL. 

In the following table the default behaviour and the registry key to enable the new library is listed for the different Update Rollups.

Update Rollup (Build) Default library Registry key to enable alternative library
2016 UR2 (16.0.6) WinInet not available (cURL not implemented)
2016 UR3 (16.0.7) WinInet


to enable cURL

2016 UR4 (16.0.8) WinInet


to enable cURL

2016 UR5 (16.0.9) and above cURL


to enable WinInet

Fabasoft Folio Client 2017 and above all use cURL as http library. The WinInet-Library is not available in Folio 2017 and above.



Fabasoft switched from WinInet to cURL because this library enables more possibilities and more control over file transfers (e.g. incremental uploads) and authentication mechanisms and cookie handling.