Trace Object Info

Last update: 2 June 2021

This script traces the values of all properties of one or multiple objects.

(SHA-256: 2D0391514B1ED3B703ED86026EACF81CA08F166B5D4F17C3C8D5C58720FB639A)
Current Version 1.1

Release Notes

Changes 1.1
- Add the option to only trace the current version
Changes 1.0
- Initial Release


  1. Copy the file TraceObjectInfo.txt onto a server that has the Fabasoft Folio Kernel installed.
  2. Replace the text "<COO-Address of object>", inside the file TraceObjectInfo.txt, with the COO address of the object, or a list of objects, that you want to output.
  3. Execute the following command, in the context of an administrator or service user, from inside the directory where you copied the script to:
    fsceval -file TraceObjectInfo.txt -tracetoconsole 2> objectinfo.tro

    Please ensure that you execute this command using the normal shell, or CMD.exe on Windows, because some alternative shells like Powershell modify the trace output in significant ways!


After finishing execution a file named objectinfo.trc should exist in the current directory, this file will contain trace output that includes all values of the specified objects.


  • Tracing the values of FSCCONV@1.1001:ExternalConversionConfiguration
    // Parameters
  • Tracing the values of the current user and FSCCONV@1.1001:ExternalConversionConfiguration
    // Parameters
    @objects=[coouser, COO.1.1001.1.64008];


    (SHA-256: 2D0391514B1ED3B703ED86026EACF81CA08F166B5D4F17C3C8D5C58720FB639A)