Tool: Collect Dump Info

Last update: 4 August 2017

Collect Dump Info


This tool collects the information and components from a Linux server that are necessary to analyse a core dump.



(SHA-256: 71F6131A5C75CB0D550716A743542E53E5729BE372647B0F076DC095983E2C33)
Current version 1.3

Release Notes

Changes 1.3
- Also collect libraries under /usr
Changes 1.2
- Fixed glitch when collection httpd on newer systems
Changes 1.1
- Fixed a problem when collection older httpd versions
Changes 1.0
- Initial Release


  1. Copy the file collectDumpInfo.tar.gz onto the server from which the information should be collected
  2. Extract the from the archive
  3. Execute , with a user that has read access for the following directories:
    • /opt/fabasoft/
    • /var/opt/fabasoft/
    • /usr/sbin/
    • /lib64/
    • /opt/app.telemetry/ (if installed)


When the execution is complete a file named dumpinfo.tar.gz should exist in the current directory.

Collected information

  • Fabasoft Folio service files
  • Fabasoft app.telemetry files
  • Linux systems libraries


  • collectDumpInfo.gz
    (SHA-256: 71F6131A5C75CB0D550716A743542E53E5729BE372647B0F076DC095983E2C33)

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