Support Information Tool

Last update: 4 August 2017

Support Information Tool

With this tool you will get a report of your Fabasoft eGov-Suite or Fabasoft Folio domain. Additionally checks are performed, e.g. local software components without prerequisites, or soon expiring licenses. Based on this report you can check if the binaries on a specific server are identically with the binaries in the software components of the domain. You can also use the report to compare a production environment with a test environment.

(SHA-256: 5268A39BDCFAF6CF08577CA5D07A8C5FAFEC9BC8215F761E342E79EBC572E8E9)
Current Version 1.4

Release Notes

Changes 1.4
 - Added Warnings for Local Software Components that occured during extracting.

Changes 1.3 
Bug Fixes:
 - Abort due to missing Software Component

Changes 1.2 
 - Added version number for Editions, Solutions, Products
 - Support Information Tool can be started in eGov-Suite Version 7

Bug Fixes:
 - Abort due to missing reference

Changes 1.1
 - Added parameter -d to define output folder

Changes 1.0
 - Initial Release


  1. Copy file  SupportInfo.jar  onto server with Fabasoft Kernel (we would recommend to use an empty directory)
  2. Execute  SupportInfo.jar  to get information about your Fabasoft domain
  3. (optional) Execute SupportInfo.jar with option -f to get a comparison of binary versions in the domain and a specific server

Please be careful when executing in a production environment. The tool may generate load on a server and will need up to 500 MB temporary disk space. We recommend not using the tool in main operating hours.


java -jar SupportInfo.jar [[-h  -p  [-t]]|[-f ]|[-d ]|-a ]
 -h          HOST for 'export HOST = '
 -p          PORT for 'export PORT = '
 -d     select an output directory or filename
 -f          file to compare results to (output xml from a previous run)
 -t                create TXT report (default is HTM)
 -a  alternative User Object for Administrator 

Note : When using Linux, you need to execute the command as user  fscsrv

Example Usage

java -jar SupportInfo.jar -h -p 18070
 java -jar SupportInfo.jar -h -p 18070 -t
 java -jar SupportInfo.jar -f supportInfoWindows.xml
 java -jar SupportInfo.jar -f supportInfoLinux.xml
 java -jar SupportInfo.jar -d /home/fscsrv/Desktop
 java -jar SupportInfo.jar -d /home/fscsrv/myHostname.xml
 java -jar SupportInfo.jar -a COO.

Step 1

java -jar SupportInfo.jar -h localhost -p 18070

Command will result in a HTM file:

Step 2

java -jar SupportInfo.jar -f supportInfoWindows.xml 

Command will result in a file named report.htm :

Tested environments

  • Fabasoft eGov-Suite 7.0 SP2
  • Fabasoft eGov-Suite 8.0 SP1
  • Fabasoft eGov-Suite 10
  • Fabasoft Folio 2011 Winter Release
  • Fabasoft Folio 2011 Spring Release


  • Windows (x86)
  • Windows (x64)
  • CentOS (x64)
  • RHEL (x64)


  • Lists all installed Editions (COOSYSTEM@1.1:SoftwareEdition) of the Fabasoft domain.
  • Lists all installed Solutions (COOSYSTEM@1.1:SoftwareSolution) of the Fabasoft domain.
  • Lists all installed Products (COOSYSTEM@1.1:SoftwareProduct) of the Fabasoft domain.
  • Lists all installed Components (COOSYSTEM@1.1:SoftwareComponent) of the Fabasoft domain.
  • Checks whether Software Components have prerequists defined (COOSYSTEM@1.1:compprerequs).
  • Checks whether Software Components with Domain ID 1.1 or 1.1001 are in state (COOSYSTEM@1.1:compstate) 'in development'.
  • Checks whether owner (COOSYSTEM@1.1:objowner) of Component Objects is user 'Administrator, System'.
  • Checks whether property 'Final Form' (COOSYSTEM@1.1:objfinalform) of Component Objects is set to true.
  • Checks whether ACL (COOSYSTEM@1.1:objaclobj) of Component Objects is within Domain ID 1.1 or 1.1001.
  • Checks whether Local Software Components can be extracted and lists Warnings.
  • Lists installed Software Product Licenses (COOSWCLM@1.1:ProductLicense) and checks whether license has already expired or will expire in the next month.
  • Lists binaries (.dll or .so, .jar) in the installed Software Components including version number and md5sum.


    (SHA-256: 5268A39BDCFAF6CF08577CA5D07A8C5FAFEC9BC8215F761E342E79EBC572E8E9)