SMTP-Configuration options

Last update: 13 October 2017

SMTP-Configuration options


This article describes the available configuration options for a SMTP-configuration object


A configured e-mail server environment is required for the use SMTP from within Fabasoft Folio. The e-mail server can be configured in an instance of FSCSMTP@1.1001:Configuration.

Following parameters can be defined:

  • SMTP Client Type
    In this field it is defined how the SMTP server is used for sending an e-mail. Currently, there is only one client type allowed: Internal.
  • Server
    In this field the hostname or IP address of the SMTP server is defined.
  • Port
    In this field the port at the SMTP server, which should be used for sending an e-mail is defined.
  • Sender E-Mail Address (on Behalf of)
    In this field a default sender can be defined. This means that the e-mail will be delivered "on behalf of". Example: "".
    The e-mail (sent by user David Porter) then contains:
    " on behalf of"
  • Expression for Computing the Sender Name
    A Fabasoft Kernel Expression to calculate the sender name which is displayed in an e-mail client.


"Mr. David Porter".

An e-mail client then would show:
"Mr. David Porter "

Another example which generates the sender name based on the users first- and surname:

STRING @sendername;
@sendername=coouser.userfirstname + " " + coouser.usersurname
return @sendername;
  • Additional Info
    Additional information for the SMTP server can be configured as key/value pairs. Currently the implementation considers the following keys:
    • content-charset:
      A specific content char set for the e-mail transfer (Default: UTF-8)
    • timeout:
      Timeout threshold for the SMTP server session (in milliseconds)
    • password:
      Used for authentication at the SMTP server
    • username:
      Used for authentication at the SMTP server
Applies to
  • Fabasoft Folio (all versions)
  • Fabasoft eGov-Suite (all versions)