Log file paths under RHEL and CentOS Linux

Last update: 4 August 2017

Log file paths under RHEL and CentOS Linux


The following article lists Fabasoft Folio relevant log files underneath RHEL and CentOS and describes their content.


The underneath content is structured by service or procedure in which the according log file is used.


  • Log file: fscsetup.log
  • Contains: Information about the Fabasoft Folio setup.
  • Full path: "/tmp/fscsetup.log"

  • Log file: loader.log
  • Contains: Information about the Fabasoft Folio server loader.
  • Full path: "/var/opt/fabasoft/log/loader.log"


  • Log file: current
  • Contains: Mainly information of blocked threads.
  • Full path: "/var/opt/fabasoft/instances/COOService_/log/main/current"


  • Log file: WebService_.error.log
  • Contains: Errors, trace messages, etc of the specific web-service.
  • Full path: "/var/opt/fabasoft/log/web/WebService_.error.log"

  • Log file: WebService_.access.log
  • Contains: Access log of the Fabasoft Web-service.
  • Full path: "/var/opt/fabasoft/log/web/WebService_.access.log "

  • Log file: WebService_.conf
  • Contains: Webservice configuration possibilities (for example the log behavior can be changed).
  • Full path: "/etc/fabasoft/web/WebService_.conf"


  • Log file: current
  • Contains: General automatic task information.
  • Full path: "/var/opt/fabasoft/instances/COOATService_/log/main/current"


  • Log file: messages
  • Contains: General log information from the Linux system and also important information for any Fabasoft Folio service.
  • Full path: "/var/log/messages"

Additional Info

To automate the collection of relevant log files you can revert to the Collect System Information procedure described in the "Collect System Information" knowledge base article.