Keyboard Operation, Keyboard shortcuts

Last update: 4 August 2017

Keyboard Operation, Keyboard shortcuts


This article describes the context-sensitive shortcut help and the location of the Fabasoft Folio User Help documentation on the Fabasoft Folio or Fabasoft eGov-Suite Setup Kit.


Please be aware of changes that may have been made during different Fabasoft Folio / Fabasoft eGov-Suite versions. Especially in older versions of Fabasoft Folio different shortcuts may not be available. Please use to the User [#Documentation] for a full list of shortcuts.

Shortcut Help

A context-sensitive shortcut help can be opened anywhere in the Webbrowser Client by pressing Ctrl-Shift-? (question mark)

Useful shortcuts

  • Alt-W for the Next button
  • Alt-A or ESC key for the Cancel button
  • Alt-S to open the search form
  • Ctrl-A/Ctrl-C/Ctrl-X/Ctrl-V for select all , copy , cut and paste
  • Ctrl-Z for Undo
  • Del key removes a pointer
  • Shift-Del combination deletes an object .
  • In a form, press Ctrl-Shift and hoover over a property to see the property reference in the status bar (older Folio releases)
  • In a form, press Ctrl-Shift-# (Hash) or Crtl-Shift-F9 to switch to the "reference view" - all properties are displayed with their property reference (newer Folio releases)
  • Hold the shift key to open the properties page in a new window.


On a installed system the Fabasoft Folio User Help can be opened or downloaded by pressing the ? button on the top left in the user interface. These documents (language specific) are located also in the install kit.

In these documents you will find a chapter Keyboard Operation (English) or Tastaturbedienung (German).

In a Fabasoft Folio Kit the PDF's are located:

  • \Setup\EditionFolioCompliance\Package\Help
  • \Setup\EditionFolioEnterprise\Package\Help
  • \Setup\EditionFolioGovernance\Package\Help

In a Fabasoft eGov-Suite Kit the PDF's are located:

  • \Setup\EditionFolioGovernance\Package\ETC

Applies to

  • Fabasoft Folio (all releases)
  • Fabasoft eGov-Suite (all releases)