How to delete Fabasoft Folio Kernel Caches

Last update: 4 August 2017

How to delete Fabasoft Folio Kernel Caches


Under certain circumstances it is necessary to delete the Fabasoft Folio Kernel Caches, sometimes simply called "the caches". This circumstances could be:

  • After installing a new Fabasoft Edition or Fabasoft Solution
  • After the disk of a server ran full
  • After a system recovery
  • After installing a hotfix

Also Fabasoft Support might request to delete the Fabasoft Folio Kernel Caches during the process of a Fabasoft Support call.


Fabasoft Folio Kernel Caches are build up by every Fabasoft Folio Kernel (e.g the Fabasoft Folio Web Service, Fabasoft Folio Conversion Service, Fabasoft Folio AT-Services, the Fabasoft Mindbreeze Integration and other Fabasoft products and services which inherit a Fabasoft Folio Kernel Instance)

The Fabasoft Folio Kernel Caches consists of caches in Memory and caches on disk. RAM caches are persistently written to disk and vice versa.

Types of cache directories

The disk caches consist of the following directories:

    • Used for metadata of objects
    • Used for documents
    • Only available in versions based on Fabasoft Folio 2009 (>=9.2.5) and higher.
    • Used as document cache for CAS based MMC-Service areas
    • Used for software components, libraries, dll's
    • During bootstrap (cooprep) these files are copied from the Fabasoft domain to the local disk to execute functions in the Kernel

Note: Your installation might also contain a folder called LOGDIR. The LOGDIR directory contains logfiles, if logging is enabled (e.g. by Fabasoft Operations Manager). Although this is not a cache directory, the directory can be deleted, if the containing information is not used.

Location of cache directories

Microsoft Windows
    • \\Application Data\Local Settings\Fabasoft (Windows Server 2003), or
    • \All Users\Local Settings\Fabasoft (Windows Server 2003),
    • \\AppData\Local\Fabasoft (Windows Server 2008),  or
    • \Fabasoft (Windows Server 2008)
    • \All Users\Local Settings\Fabasoft (Windows Server 2003)
    • \Fabasoft (Windows Server 2008)

"C:\Documents And Settings" and the "C:\Documents And Settings\All Users" directories are Windows special folders therefore in other versions or languages of Microsoft Windows these directories may have another names/locations, e.g. INSTALLDIR in Microsoft Windows Server 2008 is located in C:\ProgramData\Fabasoft.

Note: You may use a directory search to locate the cache directories. These directories may be hidden, so enable "Show hidden files and folders" in Windows Explorer.

The "" directory is used, if a Windows user profile of the exists during the Fabasoft installation, otherwise "All Users" is used.

Note: The is the user that runs the Fabasoft Folio Kernel, e.g. the Fabasoft Web service user and/or the Fabasoft AT-Service user. It is NOT the user running the setup.

    • /tmp/Fabasoft


  • Stop all Fabasoft Folio Kernel instances, e.g. the Web service, AT-Service, Conversion Service
  • Delete the directories mentioned above
  • Restart the services
  • The cache directories will be rebuilt.

Note: After deleting the caches, especially the INSTALLDIR directory, the next start of the service will take a while as the caches are rebuild.

Applies to
  • Fabasoft Folio (all versions)
  • Fabasoft eGov-Suite (all versions)
  • Fabasoft eCRM-Suite (all versions)