Hotfix for Microsoft DTC-Usage

Last update: 20 February 2018


Latest analysis have shown situations where the stability of a Two-Phase-Commit needs to be improved when using the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC).

Please note: Without the hotfix Fabasoft Folio did a gently fallback to transactions without Microsoft DTC, without errors and warnings. Applying the hotfix changes this behaviour to a strict mode, meaning problems with Microsoft DTC will prevent transactions and lead to error messages.

Therefore we strictly recommend checking the correctness of the Microsoft DTC configuration in your infrastructure before applying the hotfix. Details on the configuration of the Microsoft DTC and the corresponding error messages can be found here .

There is also a continuative Fabasoft Knowledge Base article on how to test a distributed transaction .


A hotfix (coostd.exe and coomk.dll) is available for all supported versions of Fabasoft Folio / Fabasoft eGov-Suite and will be provided via our support team. Please contact Fabasoft Support (or respectively your TAM-contact) if you are interested in this hotfix.

Important: It is essential to apply the hotfix for both coostd.exe (Fabasoft Folio backend servers) and coomk.dll (all Fabasoft Folio servers) for a stable result. Do not apply only one of the two hotfix files.
It is recommended to test the functionality of a distributed transaction during the maintenance window after the hotfix is installed.

Applies to

  • Fabasoft Folio on Microsoft Windows and Microsoft SQL-Server (all versions)
  • Fabasoft eGov-Suite on Microsoft Windows and Microsoft SQL-Server (all versions)
  • Fabasoft eCRM-Suite on Microsoft Windows and Microsoft SQL-Server (all versions)