Fast Web View pdf-opt

Last update: 4 August 2017

Fast Web View pdf-opt


When using "Fast Web View" converted PDF documents are converted a second time and implicitly restructured to enable viewing/downloading each page of the PDF singularly. User may read the first page of the PDF even though the download did not finish yet. Usually GhostScript ist used as conversion tool in order to create those overviews. Despite being a useful feature the "Fast Web View" may have a noticeable negative impact on performance of the conversion services and in some cases it is recommended to deactive the additional conversion to the restructured format (pdf-opt).


To enable/disable the fast web view functionality the checkbox "Prefer "Fast Web View" using PDF" in the Conversion Configuration must be set accordingly.
First you need to determine currently used conversion configuration located in the current domain.
Therefore open the properties of the current domain object and move to the tab "Components Configuration".
Locate the entry "Conversion" (FSCCONV@1.1001:conversioncfg). 
If there is no configuration specified, move to the top and open the superior domain type. 
Repeat this step until a "Conversion" configuration object is set.
After you located the configuration, open its properties and (e.g. for disabling the fast web view) set the option "Prefer "Fast Web View" using PDF" to false.
Afterwards a restart/recycle of the webservices is needed in order to effectively change the setting on all webservers.

Note: Although most conversion settings are configured in the FSCCONV@1.1001:ExternalConversionConfiguration, by default the configuration located in the current domain inherits these settings (if not set).
The "Prefer "Fast Web View" using PDF" option is set to TRUE by default, therefore it is not inherited and you have to set it manually.

Applies to: 

  • Fabasoft Folio 2013 and higher
  • Fabasoft eGov-Suite 2013 and higher