Converting HTML to PDF with Microsoft Word

Last update: 4 August 2017

Converting HTML to PDF with Microsoft Word

The Fabasoft conversion services support converting HTML documents to PDF documents in different ways depending on the platform (Microsoft Windows or Linux) and the conversion utilities you are using.

In case you are using Microsoft Word and Ghostscript on a conversion server with Microsoft Windows, you can convert HTML files with the extension "htm" to “pdf” if you have installed and configured your Fabasoft Components conversion service properly.

Beginning with Fabasoft Folio 2008 or Fabasoft eGov V8.0 there is also a default entry for the extension "html". If you want to convert “.html” files with versions below, you cannot just add ".html" to the same line for the conversion of ".htm" in the conversion server configuration because of the check action. This check action for Microsoft Word compares the file extensions and will fail if files with extensions other than the default extensions should be converted. This is due to security reasons.

But you can duplicate the line, remove the check action and use ".html" as the only source extension to achieve a successful conversion. The disadvantage is that you have no check action for this type of conversion, but the check action for ".htm" of the original entry still checks Microsoft Word.

We strongly recommend testing such configuration changes in an appropriate test environment before bringing them to your live environment.

In a Linux environment you can convert .htm and .html documents with Firefox and (please see the White Paper "Installation and Configuration of Fabasoft Components services on Linux").