Collect System Information

Last update: 4 August 2017

Collect System Information


The integrated feature "Collect System Information" collects logs, system parameters and library information into a folder (Windows) respectively a ZIP archive (Linux) to deliver to Fabasoft Support as part of a service request.

This should be done in case of system failures or unexpected behavior of the Fabasoft Folio Backendservices.


The feature "Collect System Information" is part of Fabasoft Folio Server Management (Windows) / Fabasoft Components Web Management Console (Linux).

Hint: In earlier Fabasoft versions the Fabasoft Folio Server Management was called Fabasoft Components Server Management . The usage of the tool is similar.

Microsoft Windows environment

  • On a server - usually Backend server - run "Fabasoft Folio Server Management" from the Start menu (Start / All Programs / Fabasoft Folio / Fabasoft Folio Server Management)
  • If the desired server (e.g. Backend server) is not listed in the Fabasoft Folio Server Management, right-click Computers and select New Fabasoft Folio Server Registration... . Enter the hostname of the desired server.
  • Expand the tree under Computers and right-click the item Fabasoft Folio at ... . From the context menu select All Tasks / Collect System Information .
  • The collected files are located in \Server\CooSrv\Support (usually C:\Program Files\Fabasoft\Components\Server\CooSrv\Support\. Please create a ZIP containing this folder and attach it to the Fabasoft Service Request.


Notice: Web- and Conversion Servers cannot be added to the Fabasoft Folio Server Management, therefore Collect System Information cannot be used on these servers.

Linux environment

Option 1: Fabasoft Folio Web Management Console
  • In a web browser, open the Fabasoft Folio Web Management Console (usually http://servername:17088)
  • If the desired server is not enlisted, click  Setup / Server Registry  and select the desired server.
  • Expand the tree under  Computers  and right-click the item  Fabasoft Folio at ... . From the context menu select  Collect System Information .
Option 2: fscadmin utility
  • Login as user:  fscsrv
  • Execute the following command line
fscadmin -a collectsysinfo
  • Collected data will be written as tar.gz file in the following directory:  /opt/fabasoft/Support

For further information on how to use the fscadmin tool see: How to use fscadmin

Collected Data

The collected data are stored in a compressed .tar.gz file located in /opt/fabasoft/Support.

Please remember, that the Linux logfile /var/log/messages can only be added to the .tar.gz archive if the fscsrv user has permissions to access this log.

To analyze a Linux core dump of a Fabasoft Folio service, additional information is required, please refer to the Collect Dump Info KB article.

For information on how to find core dumps please refer to the How to find core dumps in Linux KB article

The collected file can be extracted in the following way:

tar xzf .tar.gz

Applies to

  • Fabasoft Folio
  • Fabasoft eGov-Suite