Cleanup of MMC-Service areas

Last update: 11 February 2022

Cleanup of MMC-Service areas


For cleaning up MMC-Service areas the tool fscadmin is used. This tool is able to delete all files in the target MMC-Service area which are not referenced in the Database.


The tool fscadmin is installed with the Fabasoft Server Management.

By calling fscadmin.exe respectively fscadmin the command-line help is displayed.

For further inforation see our How to use fscadmin article.

General information about the provided examples

All given examples were written for Microsoft Windows. If you are using Linux watch out for some differences:

  • In Linux the syntax is a little bit different. Arguments are written with a doubledash (e.g. "--action"). Furthermore there is possibility to shorten the syntax (e.g. "-a" for "--action"). For further information see the fscadmin help.
  • In Linux you might set the hostname as well as the port while in Microsoft Windows these informations are not necessary. Host and port is the listen hostname and port of COO-Service 1. For example:
fscadmin --host  --port  -a list

Basic parameters of fscadmin

-action  Type of action to execute - we use the cleanup parameter
        list List all services in this domain
        cleanup Cleanup content area
        checkconsistency Check content consistency of target MMC Service
-service  Execute against this service
[-logfile ] Path to logfile (default Linux: /var/opt/fabasoft/log/fscadmin.log)
    (default Microsoft Windows: C:\Users\\fscadmin.log
[-time ] Cleanup unreferenced files saved before now-days
[-areadir ] Specific area to cleanup
[-casrange -  Restricts to the directories specified by the range
[-host ] IP address of COO service host
[-port ] TCP port of COO service

Please consider that some of the parameters are not available in older Fabsoft Folio versions.

Finding out the ID of a specific Service:

In order to clean up a particular MMC-Service area you need to figure out the Service ID of the affected service.
To create a list of services and their assigned ID you have to execute the following command:

fscadmin.exe -action list

Cleanup of all areas of all MMC-Services

fscadmin.exe -action cleanup -service all -time 30
  • -service allThe command is executed against all services
  • -time 30The cleanup is restricted to files which were saved at least 30 days ago.

Cleanup of all areas of a specificMMC-Service

fscadmin.exe -action cleanup -service 2 -time 30 -logfile C:\temp\MMCSVC2.log 
  • -service 2The command is executed against a specific service with the ID 2
  • -logfile C:\temp\MMCSVC2.logThe logfile is saved to C:\temp\MMCSVC2.log - When a command is executed against a specific
    servicewe recommendsetting the logfile parameter for an easier analysis in case of an error

Cleanup of single area of a MMC-Service

fscadmin.exe -action cleanup -service 2 -areadir MMCArea1 -time 30
  • -areadir MMCArea1
    The command is restricted to a specific MMC area with the name MMCArea1

Partial cleanup in CAS areas

fscadmin.exe -action cleanup -service 2 -areadir MMCArea1 -casrange 00-3f -time 30
  • -areadir MMCArea1The command is restricted to a specific MMC area with the name MMCArea1
  • -casrange 00-3fThe command only cleans up files in the CAS range between 00-3f.

Consistency check of MMC-Service areas

fscadmin.exe -action checkconsistency -service 2
  • -action checkconsistencyChecks the content for its consistancy in target MMC-Service
  • -service 2The command is executed against a specific service

Frequently encoutered errors

  • Execution failed. (No method found for action "COOSYSTEM@1.1:CleanupContentAreas" in object class "COOSYSTEM@1.1:COOService") Cause: Target service is a COO-Service.
  • Error: Service not found
    Cause: Target service ID is not existant
  • Action not supported Cause: Spelling mistake at the parameter "-action"


Applies to

  • Fabasoft Folio
  • Fabasoft eGov-Suite