Automatic object locks

Last update: 6 February 2018


Beginning with Fabasoft eGov-Suite 7.0 and Fabasoft Folio 2007 the Fabasoft kernel provides an automatic lock feature when object properties are modified without explicit locking.


If an object property is modified and the object was not locked, the kernel writes an event log entry stating “Automatic lock for object … set” if the autolock was successful or “Automatic lock for object … failed” if the object could not be locked (e.g. because it is explicitly locked by another user).

Attention: In the second case, the current transaction is not aborted, meaning that the changes are committed even though the object might be locked by another user. Potentially, this can lead to a variety of unwanted situations and unexpected behavior. Therefore explicit locking is absolutely essential before changing any object properties programmatically. Explicit object locks can be obtained via the method COOSYSTEM:ObjectLock.