ADE Gui Update incomplete

Last update: 4 August 2017

ADE Gui Update incomplete


When applying an update to a Fabasoft installation there may be a lock on the adegui.dll , thereby leading to a failure when applying an update to this dll.


An not yet determined issue with file locks on the adegui.dll may lead to a failure to correctly replace the file while applying updates to a Fabasoft installation.
A system affected by this issue will sometimes show erratic behavior, but most of the times the affected kernel instance will not boot correctly.


In order to verify if your system is affected by this issue please check all installed version of the adegui.dll against the one provided on your installation medium.
Please be aware that adegui.dll may be located in multiple directories and has to have matching version in all locations!

It the version on the system does not match the one on the installation medium please follow these steps:

  1. Manually shut down all Fabasoft services on the affected system
  2. Check the Task Manager for still active Fabasoft processes and wait for the complete shutdown
  3. Rerun the update of your Fabasoft installation
  4. Verify that the adegui.dll version matches the one on the provided installation medium