Fabasoft Enterprise Support

Fabasoft Enterprise Support is at your side with personalized support for the operation of all your on-premises installations.

There are several ways to get in touch with Fabasoft Enterprise Support and obtain information.

Fabasoft Service Desk

Your Fabasoft Service Agreement gives you access to our Enterprise Support Service Desk in the Fabasoft Business Process Cloud. Your administrator will set up your account and explain the first steps.

Fabasoft Knowledge Base

The Fabasoft Knowledge Base offers access to operations descriptions, best practices as well as information on important updates. All Fabasoft customers can freely access the Knowledge Base.

Support periods and supported third-party products

The following documents provide information on all product versions and their support periods as well as on supported third party products and the discontinuation of product features.

Product updates

We are constantly improving our products. The latest versions of Fabasoft eGov-Suite, Fabasoft Folio, Fabasoft app.telemetry and Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise are shown on the following website, furthermore selected products are available for download:



Fabasoft is offering a wide range of trainings for beginners and advanced users. Beginners are recommended to take the trainings Fabasoft Folio Use Cases (business administrators) as well as System administration and operations management of Fabasoft Products (technical administrators).