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Product Management

An effective market launch is the key to every innovation strategy. But even today it often takes very long to introduce new products as some large businesses have not yet continuously digitized rollout in all countries. 

The Product Management solution of the Fabasoft Business Process Cloud provides everything it takes to digitize, standardize and accelerate product management processes quickly and easily across the boundaries of departments, organizations and countries.

Internal employees as well as external partners can be integrated into processes such as “Release” or “Approval” on equal terms to ensure that all parties involved are continually up to date. Besides promoting seamless collaboration, full transparency and traceability of all processes are achieved.

Whitepaper: Higher profitability with digitized product launches in the Cloud

With Fabasoft product management in the Fabasoft Cloud, all participants have access to a central system

Better collaboration across departments


Fabasoft Product Management is the key to straightforward collaboration across the boundaries of organizations and countries and allows you to plan successfully on the basis of structured data.

Digitize your workflows without any process ruptures to increase efficiency in product management.

Increase the efficiency of your entire organization through workflow management.

Faster market launch of new products


Increase productivity in product management within a very short time by using standardized and accelerated product management processes.

Concentrate on the development of new and innovative products to successfully expand your product portfolio.


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Digitize and accelerate product management processes

Structured exchange of information by including all parties concerned


You can easily invite external parties such as partners, customers or legal advisers for collaboration and process participation. Managing product releases or approvals therefore becomes safe, traceable and transparent.

Collaboration and the exchange of information take place in online working areas fulfilling the highest security requirements (“Teamrooms”).

A central data pool ensures that all parties concerned have access to the same information.

Fabasoft Productmanagement provides a powerful system for version control: the "Time Travel"

Full control over the processing status and deadlines


The dashboards of the Fabasoft Product Management solution provide a detailed overview of the current product rollout status and offer full control over the processing status of all product management processes to help you meet all deadlines.

Dashboards in the Fabasoft Cloud give you an overview of all running processes.

More accuracy and success in planning


Including systematic realtime feedback data from the market will help you plan your future projects with more accuracy and success.

The specific requirements of your customers can then be included into the innovation process without effort and in time. This will ensure the successful market launch of your products.



Structured data ensures more successful planning.


Product Folder

Fabasoft Product Management

In just a few weeks, the Fabasoft Cloud digitizes and accelerates product management processes across the boundaries of departments, organizations and countries to increase efficiency and planning reliability.


Performance Characteristics of Data Security Fabasoft Cloud

The protection of personal data and the protection of information customers store in Fabasoft Cloud is of paramount importance to Fabasoft.


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