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As a pharmaceutical company involved in research or manufacturing, working with us will bring you the advantages of almost 30 years of know-how in developing state-of-the-art software solutions with a strong focus on quality, certified security and compliance. You will also benefit from the fact that we always take a critical look into the (near and distant) future when it comes to our current Cloud technologies. Our products are developed in accordance with the agile methodology framework "Scrum" which aims at creating innovation and added value along the principles of “quality, usability & style”. On the basis of the feedback we regularly receive from our customers as well as our discussions with analysts and continuous market observations, we identify market trends at an early stage and include them in our product development.

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Pharmaceutical researchers

If you are a pharmaceutical researcher and want to synchronise, share, edit and manage all the documents of a clinical study across all of its stages in mobile mode, the Fabasoft Cloud will be the right choice for now and for the future. The swift introduction of the Cloud service, its intuitive handling and scalable functionality are further advantages of the Fabasoft Cloud that will bring benefits to researchers, testing physicians and staff members. All of this saves valuable time and reduces the costs involved.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies

As a pharmaceutical manufacturing company, you can use the Fabasoft Cloud to digitise your business processes as well as the individual levels of your manufacturing process, for example MES process data (Manufacturing Execution System) from the production process. Employees from the production management or quality assurance teams are able to access reports or check key indicators on their mobile end devices. The Cloud also allows to implement innovative serialisation solutions and efficiently design product management.

Process security

Thanks to the validation of our technology according to EU GxP Annex 11, the Fabasoft Cloud stands for modern quality management, slim IT structures and the highest levels of security – for you and the data of your study. It goes without saying that your data is safe with us and that we guarantee continuous traceability.

Data security

The combination of high-performance and protected European data centres, secure encryption and a Cloud that has been validated for organisations operating in a regulated environment makes us your strong partner. Together with us you will achieve a high technological level of data gathering for pharmaceutical research and accelerate the authorisation process of your drug.

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Benefits of the Fabasoft Cloud

If you are looking for a supportive service provider who is firmly committed to the best Cloud solution available to the regulated industries, the following benefits speak in favour of us:


You can synchronise and share documents from the production process between all parties concerned.

You can achieve collaborative work on documents in real-time with continuous traceability.

You can easily model, automate, accelerate and manage release processes.

You can provide documentation and results of the study to all parties concerned in mobile mode and allow editing.

We offer certified security concepts for the management of study data and production parameters.

We develop individual, Cloud-based concepts for your manufacturing process.

We provide our own encryption technology.

We have high-performance data centres in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

You benefit from our customised support.

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We will process your personal data for the purpose of handling your request and will contact you accordingly. For more information on how we process your data and how you can cancel the receipt of information, see our Privacy Policy.

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