Fabasoft "Digital Personnel File"

The digital, consistent and central management of personnel files forms the basis on which to automate standard workflows and significantly reduces the related time efforts at personnel offices. HR staff benefits from efficient reporting, detailed evaluations as well as quick and easy searches. The Fabasoft Cloud App "Digital Personnel File" is instantly ready for use within the Fabasoft (Public) Cloud. Alternatively, it is available as a pre-configured appliance which can be swiftly integrated into an organization's data center.


Instantly ready for operation and easy to use

Your administrator can configure the Fabasoft Cloud App "Digital Personnel File" in little time and put it into operation without the need of any additional programming effort. Setup consists of defining the organization, adding its members, granting access rights and filing the documents in a structured way. The elegant and intuitive user interface makes it easy to work on personnel files and documents.

Quick implementation

Migrating employee master data from an existing HR system into the Fabasoft Cloud App "Digital Personnel File" is quick and easy. You can also import personnel file documents via web service interfaces, CSV files, scan or drag & drop and map them to the appropriate files. Thanks to the interfaces provided by the Fabasoft Cloud App "Digital Personnel File", integration with other systems such as SAP is swift and straightforward.

Operating models


Private Cloud Appliance

The Fabasoft Cloud App "Digital Personnel File" is available as an appliance composed of preconfigured and seamlessly integrated hardware and software components.

Public Cloud Service

Within the framework of the Fabasoft Cloud, the Fabasoft Personnel File is immediately ready for use and can be scaled according to the “pay-per-use” principle.

Semantic full-text searches with Mindbreeze

Through the use of Mindbreeze technology, semantic searches are at the cutting edge of technology. Efficient finding is not limited to document formats and metadata, but turns data records into “actionable information”.

Flexible records management

The intuitive Fabasoft Cloud App "Digital Personnel File" – operated in your web browser and requiring no training – provides for the administration of personal as well as structured data, for example information on a person’s civil status. The dashboard displays all important information in a clear manner, including reports and evaluations of your master data.


Every time an object is accessed, the auditing function creates an entry in its logging system. Besides changes to the properties it also indicates when an object was read, and by whom.

Dynamic watermarks

If required, you can automatically add dynamic watermarks to your documents. Even if a document has left the secure and digital Personnel File, continuous traceability is ensured in terms of the document’s origin and on the users who exported or printed it.

Central user management and straightforward administration of rights

The Cloud organization is a representation of your own organization. Your administrator controls it as well as the user accounts. Managing the access rights is easy and straightforward: Your HR department can grant access to the personnel files without the need of any particular IT know-how.

Intuitive and accessible user interface in 22 languages

The graphical user interface is not only easy and intuitive to use, but is also designed for people with impairments. Furthermore, the Fabasoft Cloud App "Digital Personnel File" is available in 22 different languages.

Efficient reporting and detailed evaluations

Advanced reporting options that also use full-text content dramatically reduce the time required for reporting. You can evaluate your files efficiently according to completely new criteria.

Adhering to compliance guidelines

The Fabasoft Cloud App "Digital Personnel File" has everything you need to meet the compliance requirements of your organization. User and rights management can be configured individually to ensure that only authorized users have access to documents and information

Tamper-proof archiving

The Fabasoft  Cloud App "Digital Personnel File" allows for the tamper-proof long term archiving of all personnel files. It is certified according to IDW PS 880.

Secure authentication

During login to the Fabasoft Cloud App "Digital Personnel File", authentication is always carried out via secure authentication methods such as two factor authentication with a text message PIN, an email PIN or a security token. This procedure creates a protected and trusted working environment.

Single sign-on via digital certificates or AD FS

With Single sign-on, users of the Fabasoft Cloud App "Digital Personnel File" can log in without having to enter their login name and password in addition.

Encrypted transmission and storage on encrypted hard disks (server)

Data is encrypted according to the secure HTTP standard TLS. In addition, it is stored on encrypted hard disks (self-encrypting disks).

Mobile, decentralized and concurrent access

Regardless of their location and across all branch offices and subsidiaries, authorized staff has access to the personnel files at any time and in mobile mode.

Ensuring correct and complete data

The company-wide standardization of processes and their representation within the system ensure transparency and reduce the workload. Integrated functions such as role-based workflows or progress monitoring contribute to greater process reliability.

Full traceability through continuous versioning

The Fabasoft Cloud App "Digital Personnel File" ensures continuous versioning to trace each modification of a document. Thanks to the Time travel function you can quickly and elegantly view personnel files and/or documents as well as their metadata and compare or restore them if necessary.

Consistency and centralization

Centralization and standardization ensure that all information on your personnel files is up-to-date, consistent and complete at all times. The time and costs required to copy and transport files are strongly reduced, and multiple data management is avoided.

Standardizing processes

Standardized processes can be automated through sequential controls. The standardization of processes and their representation within the system lead to higher process security and more transparency. Automating these processes considerably reduces routine tasks.

Technical data

  • Standard interfaces for authentication Client certificates, Active Directory, digital IDs
  • Standard interfaces for the integration of applications WebDAV, CalDAV, CMIS, web services (SOAP, JSON/REST)
  • Integration with SAP
  • Integration with existing HR systems
  • Two factor authentication via text message PIN, email PIN or Radius


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